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Bisola Adeniyi: Nigerian Fashion Designer | Founder & CEO of Lady Biba

Bisola Adeniyi: Nigerian Fashion Designer | Founder & CEO of Lady Biba


Bisola Adeniyi is a visionary Nigerian fashion designer renowned for her transformation from an economics graduate to the driving force behind one of Nigeria’s premier ready-to-wear fashion brands. With a commitment to empowering women and a passion for fashion, Bisola is the founder and CEO of Lady Biba, an award-winning made-in-Nigeria women’s ready-to-wear clothing brand tailored for the modern corporate woman.

Education & Expertise:

Bisola Adeniyi’s journey includes a strong foundation in economics alongside specialized training from to fuel her fashion aspirations. She acquired essential fashion knowledge through a course at the prestigious London College of Fashion. Her expertise extends to the digital realm, with Google-certified training in Digital marketing.

Professional Experience:

Before Lady Biba’s inception, Bisola honed her fashion acumen in the world of fashion journalism, contributing significantly to platforms such as Arise Magazine Fashion Week and Thisday Style. Along her journey, she was fortunate to be mentored by esteemed Nigerian fashion industry veterans, including Mai Atafo, Lanre Da Silva Ajayi, and Omoyemi Akerele.

Empowering Women in Business:

Bisola’s dedication to youth development, especially women, shines through her remarkable initiatives:

● Rookie Entrepreneur Platform: At https://instagram.com/rookieentrepreneur, Bisola leads the Rookie Entrepreneur platform. This initiative empowers women by imparting essential business and technical skills. Notably, participants have established a formidable online presence and significantly enhanced their earning potential under her guidance.

● Empowering Local Communities: Lady Biba also engages in philanthropic efforts by organizing clothes drives for women in local communities. Through this initiative, preloved and new clothes are donated, enabling women to showcase their best selves. Furthermore, strategic partnerships with companies have facilitated the provision of free CV writing workshops and interview training for new graduates and unemployed women, promoting their employability and self-confidence.

Sharing Knowledge:

Bisola Adeniyi is committed to nurturing the next generation of fashion enthusiasts. She shares her insights and expertise through her YouTube channel, [https://youtube.com/bibiadeniyi](https://youtube.com/bibiadeniyi), where she has garnered a dedicated following of over 1,000 subscribers. Her channel serves as a valuable resource for aspiring fashion professionals.

Outstanding Recognitions and Awards:

1. World Bank Praises: Lady Biba achieved international recognition when it was featured as a distinguished case study for Thriving Women Owned Businesses by the Office of the Vice President of Nigeria (PEBEC) during the World Bank’s “Improving Business Environment for Prosperity” event in Johannesburg, South Africa. This esteemed distinction placed Lady Biba among the elite eight businesses showcased, alongside industry giants like House of Tara, Agrolay, Piggybank.ng, and others.

2. British Council Business Challenge Triumph: In 2014, Bisola clinched victory in the prestigious British Council Business Challenge. This rigorous competition involved crafting meticulous business plans, and Lady Biba’s business plan emerged as the top choice among the twelve finalists. This victory paved the way for a sponsorship opportunity for a fashion course at the renowned London College of Fashion.

3. Ebonylife TV Fashion and Design Award: Demonstrating rapid growth and creative excellence, Lady Biba secured the Fashion and Design Award presented by Ebonylife TV in 2016. This accolade was bestowed by one of Lagos, Nigeria’s foremost media houses, owned by the illustrious Mo Abudu.

4. Future Awards Africa Prestige: Lady Biba’s crowning achievement came in 2017 when it received the prestigious Future Awards Africa Award for Fashion. According to Forbes, the Future Awards is hailed as the “Most important awards for outstanding young Africans,” making this recognition a testament to Lady Biba’s exceptional contributions to the fashion industry.

These accolades underscore Lady Biba’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in the world of fashion, solidifying its position as a trailblazing brand in Nigeria and beyond.

Bisola Adeniyi continues to be a beacon of empowerment in the fashion industry, seamlessly blending her passion for design with a fervent commitment to women’s advancement and youth development.