• Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Annomo Health Concierge embarks on transformative journey across Lagos, Abuja


Annomo Health Concierge, a leading provider of personalized patient pathways for clients seeking international healthcare, has announced the launch of its Concierge Health Week in Lagos and Abuja from May 21st to May 31st, 2024.

In partnership with the UK’s largest independent hospital, The London Clinic, renowned for its prestigious clientele including ongoing cancer care for The King of the United Kingdom and 14 other Commonwealth realms, King Charles III, and Princess Kate Middleton, the week will commence in Lagos.

A team of world-leading consultants and hospital managers will visit Nigeria’s renowned health facilities and engage in strategic meetings with health facilities and government representatives, fostering knowledge exchange and promoting global health collaboration, equity, and accessibility.

Chichi Menakaya, CEO of Annomo Health Concierge, underscored the profound lessons learned from the pandemic, emphasizing the critical importance of prioritizing health as the foundation of our existence.

She believes that by fostering collaboration across nations, we can catalyse positive change in global healthcare.

Menakaya highlighted the significance of Abuja, Nigeria’s citadel, in this initiative. Expert-led consultations will provide Nigerians with a unique opportunity to interact with world-renowned medical professionals.

Menakaya is passionate about patients receiving treatment in their natural environment and views Nigeria as the African gateway to optimal health.

Clinics will also be held in Abuja, FCT from May 25th to May 31st, offering clients the chance to engage directly with medical experts.

She further added that “Participants will experience tailored healthcare like never before in Abuja, this May. I urge everyone to join us for the Annomo Health Concierge Week, where esteemed physicians from around the world including the UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt will guide you on a path to optimal health. From cutting-edge treatments to personalized consultations, our team is dedicated to elevating your well-being.

“Prior to this initiative, Annomo Health Concierge has been facilitating healthcare services over the past decade by connecting clients with the best doctors and hospitals globally, based on experience, competency, efficacy, quality, and luxury”.

Annomo Health has also enabled personalized and elite healthcare access, linking clients from Nigeria and other parts of the world with top-tier hospitals and specialists, ensuring tailored and optimal care based on individual needs.