• Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Anerlisa Muigai- The Enterprising Heiress

Anerlisa Muigai- The Enterprising Heiress

From Queen Amina in Nigeria, to Queen Asantewa in Ghana and Mbuya Nehanda in Zimbabwe, African history is filled with women who led empires confidently and efficiently. In more contemporary times, women such as Wangari Maathai have filled the shoes for young women across the continent who are seeking relatable female role models close to home. For Anerlisa Muigai, she was fortunate to have this example at home in the form of her mother. Anerlisa is the daughter of Tabitha Karanja, the Kenyan industrialist who founded the first large brewery in Kenya that is not owned by a multinational company. With a turnover of almost $200 million per annum, Keroche Breweries accounts for approximately 20% of beer consumption in Kenya. In this instance, the apple doesn’t fall from the tree as Anerlisa is not allowing her life as an heiress to hinder her zeal to pursue her own path.

Anerlisa founded her business, Nero Limited, in 2013 after returning home to Kenya on completing her studies in the United Kingdom. She reflects about how she was bored by the uniformity of the packaging on the market from still water brands, “it was always blue blue blue”, as well as “a salty taste”. For the budding entrepreneur and fashion lover, this posed an opportunity to birth her own bottled water brand inspired by accessible luxury, and packaged in a refreshing way that would make people excited to accessorize the bottle. She designed her own signature packaging inspired by a champagne bottle, all part of her vision to create a water brand that would be a departure from the norm. Her company has since launched two water brands, Executive Still Water and a more affordable brand, Life Still Water.

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It is easy to mistakenly assume that someone from such a prestigious family had life handed to her on a platter, but in reality, she saw watching her parents becoming successful as an opportunity to learn from the best. Her early years were spent in the village, and over the years witnessing her parents’ journey unfold made her realize that she wanted exactly the same for herself. She was in fact prompted into starting her own business after applying for a marketing job at her family’s Keroche Breweries and being turned down.

“I first applied for a Marketing job in Keroche breweries but due to lack of enough experience, I was denied the job 🙁 so what next? I decided to start Nero company Ltd to produce #executivestillwater , to learn more and maybe re-apply for the marketing job” she shared on social media to her audience of almost 1 million.

The Kenyan heiress and businesswoman uses her likable social persona to drive her business, teaching other young people about business topped off with some teasers about her personal life that Kenyans can’t seem to get enough of. Her work is a lifestyle in a way we tend to only witness off African shores. Anerlisa has harnessed the power of digital conversation to grow her budding empire which now also includes a weight loss app founded off her personal experience shedding over 60kg in 6 years.

Anerlisa Muigui is a true example of identifying what one can do well, harnessing it and executing with consistent excellence. At the age of 34 this is just the beginning for her, and most likely the making of a second empire within the family.