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Affirm!! Affirm!! Affirm!!

Most of us have heard the saying “You are what you eat”. Well, I present to you: “You are what you speak”. Why is this though? The mouth is the most powerful organ of the body. Words spoken cannot be taken back and if you say something over and over again, every day, you are more likely to believe it. You can easily become your words.

Disclaimer: This is not a religious piece; this is just a basic, natural life principle which has been proven to work if applied correctly.
Speaking positive statements consistently to change the outcome of your actions, efforts and life in general is called Affirming. Those statements spoken, deliberately and confidently out loud are called Affirmations. Here is why it is good to affirm;

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You can speak to anything in your life- Affirmations work for any sphere of life including career, health, business, finances, etc. There is no limit to what you can say as long as you say it consistently and confidently. As you speak, you will begin to see changes along the way, maybe not immediately, but definitely.
It raises your vibration- Life will definitely throw you some lemons, but affirmations can turn those lemons into sweet lemonade. There’s a certain energy we have every day, and sometimes, you may wake up feeling low, with or without reason. Speaking positively before you start your day can change the course of the day and make you happier and pumped than if you just went with the flow. You can choose to have positive energy, all day, all week and all year just by changing what you say.

It is contagious- Once you start, you can’t stop. Once it works, you’d want to tell everyone about it (at least hopefully!). People feed off other people’s energy all the time, so it is very possible to change people’s energy and create a positive environment just by speaking the right words each day.

What do you stand to lose? – But really, what do you stand to lose? Isn’t it better to speak positively than negatively? It’s not like to can change anything by worrying or talking down on yourself. The first step to turning a problematic situation is by changing your mindset. It all starts in your mind (belief) and then is turned into reality by speaking.

You don’t have to crack your head on what to say daily. There are countless resources out there, already written/spoken affirmations that can help you. You can even customise your own affirmations. Some people even go as far as recording their own voices and speaking along each morning. P.S- It’s best to start your day with affirmations before anything else. You can find podcasts, social media posts, graphic posters and written words online that you can use to affirm.

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If you decide to start affirming or if you have been affirming for some time, I would love to hear how your journey is going. Connect with us via our Instagram handle: @businessdayweekender or my personal page, @steph.erigha.

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