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Adulthood is a scam, no one told us!

Whatever stage you are at, be of good fate, and pass this on to the next person who needs it, tell them it is a letter from adulthood.

Growing up, all I wanted to be was an adult. Somehow I came to the conclusion that once I became an adult, all my troubles would be over and I could live life on my own terms. Now I am an adult, and all I want to do is scream, adulthood is a scam!

Worse, I feel like those who came before we had a role to play in this deceit. I mean, what happened to look after your junior ones? What happened to telling us the truth and saving us from this brutal reality? I say us, because, from discussions with my peers, I am not the only one who feels this way.

But as usual, they always say, “nobody told us too”, right? We know that tune too well already. Whereas, I have decided to be the bigger person and save lives. I refuse to be part of the deceit and in my good conscience, I will reveal all there is to know about life as an adult, starting from the beginning, “adulthood is a scam”.

According to the dictionary, you are described as an adult from age 18, for most countries, it is also when a child becomes legal. It is usually an exciting time for everyone to be sincere, you are opportune to have a party celebrating this new stage of life, parents are happy to say, “You are now a man or woman”, aunties and uncles tapping your back to say, “Well-done”, friends are happy for you and you are elated to have “freedom”.

Freedom is in quotes because nobody is ever really free, and that my friend, is the first scam. The truth is, your parents are happy to release you into the world knowing that you will most likely find a new master who would drill you, making you too tired to bother them. The aunties and uncles, unfortunately, are in on the deceit too, calculating how much they get to save from not having to tip you regularly. For the friends, they don’t know any better and like you, are being deceived too, let’s spare them.

Now you know the truth, that is one huddle down and many more to go ranging from money to career, friendships, marriages, etc., so save your energy, we have only just begun.

Ok, I am sorry if I have frightened you, it was never my intention. I am not some old person with grey hair all over; I am another young adult like you. I have been an adult for a few years and it has been a rollercoaster, some days are really good and other days so bad I wish I could go back in time. So if you are reading this before you reach adulthood, congratulations, please enjoy your freedom, because that’s the real deal.

If you just reached this stage, welcome, I will do my best to share every detail with you so you are well equipped and can avoid some pit holes. If like me, you have been on this journey for a while now, great to meet you! It gives me pleasure that I am not alone and I have those who can relate.

Whatever stage you are at, be of good fate, and pass this on to the next person who needs it, tell them it is a letter from adulthood.

Till next time, bye!

Jessica Fortune is a writer and the host of Twenty-Somethings Rant, an independent podcast that caters to the lifestyle of young adults in their Twenties. She is on a mission to create a safe space where young adults feel seen, heard, and understood.

Jessica is also a lifestyle blogger, communication specialist, and Podcast producer. Follow her on Instagram @jessicafortunes, twitter @jessicafortunes, and Facebook @Oguh Fortune to connect.

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