A chat with Chisimdi Emerald Nwobodo founder of Empress Linguistics Services

Can you briefly tell us about yourself?
My name is Ms. Favour Chisimdi Emerald Nwobodo, the 1st out of three kids. I’m from Agbogwugu in Enugu State (Nigeria). I’m a student of the University of Nigeria Enugu Campus. I’m the CEO/Founder of Empress Linguistics Services, a Linguistics Service aimed at proffering Linguistics solutions to Businesses and the world at Large and building the bridge of International Trade. I’m also the Founder of Save African Children Initiative, an Initiative set out to reach out to the less privileged in Africa. Currently, we’ve been working in Nigeria and have reached out to more than 200 kids.
I’m currently working on a start-up “Digital Heaven”—– this one would be a big one.

Asides mine, I also work as a Campus brand ambassador to Indomie Nigeria.

At my leisure time, I do model for commercial services. I’m also writer. I write for some companies/brands in Nigeria. I write Movie scripts too.

 You said you speak nine International Languages fluently. How manage and tell us how it all started?

Truth is, there are many Nigerians that are Polyglots too. In life, you can achieve any height you long, so far you work for it. I started learning foreign languages since high school (secondary school) back then at Federal government college Enugu. Talking about how it started, a friend brought a Korean movie to my house. I was so reluctant and didn’t want to watch. She pressurized me and I gave in and it was worth it.
I enjoyed it and yearned for more. Well, she supplied me with more films.
I started learning few words and joining them before i officially started Learning from senior secondary class. That was it!!! From Korean to Filipino to the rest!!!

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You are currently a medical student, a tutor in foreign languages, a writer, model and brand ambassador. How do you manage to handle or combine all?

Asides school! I have a team at Empress Linguistics Services. and for each and every talent of mine, I manage them well—- I do them when they’re needed. I do them when clients ask for them.

What motivated to do the work you are currently doing??

I have always been fascinated by international trade because it creates prosperity and promotes international peace. Such trade could be between governments of nations or the private sector. One obstacle that often comes in the way of free trade is language barrier. It is common knowledge that a lot of business people get discouraged from pursuing lucrative trades, consulting opportunities, and contracts. Often times, some international businesses especially in the private sector are reluctant to pursue business interests once they realise that it will involve navigating a language barrier. Thankfully, modern technology has come to the rescue as there are now software that care out automatic translations or even the good old google translation services but then there’s a problem and it’s the Word to word Translations. This eventually causes a lot of problems due to misinterpretation. Then, Empress Linguistics Services came into the picture on 2019 and since it came into existence, it has been helping lots of Business thrive and boom. I brought this service to help people get to do their businesses with ease without Linguistics barriers. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our services went digital, which means you can work with us via the P2P method or the third-party method. Also, I personally had a hard time learning foreign languages, I spent money and learnt nothing. I decided to create a Linguistics company that would help people get fluent in their desired Languages and get paid for it.

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