• Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Wellness: A boutique offering at Woodridge


As many breweries advise consumers of their alcoholic beverages to drink responsibly, so also a number of hotels are campaigning for balance between work and leisure.

You just need some hours at the ultra-modern gym and fitness centre at Woodridge Hotel, Lagos to understand why the balance between work, leisure and wellness is necessary. In partnership with Demach Health and Fitness Club, the fitness centre is complemented by sauna facilities within the hotel premises that leave visitors to a world of affordable leisure.

The Ajao Estate, Lagos-based hotel said the addition of the club is to offer its guests the total package in hospitality facilities.

While on a facility tour of the ultra-modern fitness centre with the media, Stephanie Adejumo, chief executive of the club, said the facilities at the gym are manned by health and fitness experts who combine a whole lot of programmes to enable the club’s clients achieve their fitness objectives.

The opening of the fitness centre, according to her, became necessary because there was none available in the hotel’s immediate environs and so many gym users living around the hotel hitherto had to go far for their daily exercise.

About the service on offer at the gym, she said, “We have devised a comprehensive exercise routine to work the body ‘smart’ not ‘hard’ to achieve long-term physical benefits and ensure improved health. For the busy professional or the jet-setting businessman or woman, our programme is packaged to help educate the body to move efficiently while maximising the human potential and improving the quality of an individual’s daily activity. Our programme is trendy, consisting of a well-packed series of highly disciplined forms of exercise that are bound to be popular with high-profile professionals, business persons, entertainers, students, as well as homemakers. The overall results of these routines are better posture, stronger and more flexible muscles, more supple and streamlined physique, greater energy and an increased ability to cope with day-to-day stress.”

Continuing, Adejumo said, “We have effectively incorporated body conditioning concept designed to enable people of all fitness levels to enjoy the benefit of a safe and healthy fitness culture which involves starting from basic awareness of your posture, movement and breathing. When these series of movements are combined with aerobics and weight-training routines and executed in precise and flowing manner, an authentic synergy between mind and body is achieved, natural poise is attained and overall well-being is enhanced.

“The importance of total fitness is now becoming apparent. Conditioning, strength training and flexibility exercises are indispensible tools to wellbeing. Alongside good and well-planned nutrition [to aid gradual weight loss], abstinence from smoking, proper rest, and moderation in all other areas of lifestyle, exercise can help us maximise our physical capacity and ensure longevity. Statistics show that medical and health cost from lack of fitness and exercise takes up 11 percent of the income of the average home.”