Technology and how it has changed business in recent times

Technology continues to evolve at a vast rate, which is simply changing business and investment for good. This advancement is leading to how businesses are now being run and this is only set to continue moving forward. You have major brands in the sports and bookmaking world such as at, that are now using different technology in order to help advance the user experience. It is also a similar process across many other industries. Here we cover a number of the major changes in technology in recent times?

Artificial intelligence has been one of the key technological advancements in recent times and is now playing more of a role in everyday life. It is now being used by the likes of Google and its algorithm through machine learning. It is expected to have reached a major level by 2026 into making decisions for many leading businesses. Another key example has been in Forex, in which it is playing a major role. AI is advancing trading on a whole and causing for less risk to be taking place with people’s investments. This is down to the fact it can cover large amounts of data in no time and make decisions through this.

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Another technological advancement has been IoT, known as the Internet of things. This is really impacting everyday life in both business and in people’s homes. The products released are better known as ‘Smart devices’ and have now resulted in Smart homes or Smart businesses. These are only set to advance moving forward and help with the efficiency of everyday life. Products include the likes of clocks, thermostats, lights and even cameras to advance the security of properties.

3D printing is another technological advancement that is playing a major role in a number of businesses. The most impact it is making is seen in medicine and 3D bioprinting. This is only set to continue and help with real change. 3D bio-printing helps growth factors through combining cells together and with biomaterials resulting in the building of biomedical parts. The future in the industry is bright.

Another worth mentioning is Blockchain, that is now playing a key role in investment through cryptocurrency. It is now also moving to other fields and is set to be used as a means of the identification process in the future. Blockchain is digital pieces of information in a chain of blocks and take information such as with transactions. This covers the likes of time, date and value as an example.

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