• Friday, June 14, 2024
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LAPO MfB partners Tedx to provide growth opportunities for women

LAPO MfB partners Tedx to provide growth opportunity for women

LAPO Microfinance Bank Limited has partnered with Tedx Lagos to empower women through financial inclusion and human development.
Speaking at the Tedx Lagos Women Inspiring Inclusion forum held at the LAPO head office in Lagos at the weekend, Oluremi Akande, director of marketing and communications at LAPO, highlighted the institution’s commitment to human development and women’s inclusion in financial empowerment.

Akande emphasized LAPO’s dedication to providing a platform for women to converge and discuss issues surrounding financial inclusion and thought leadership. He stated, “This partnership with Tedx is an opportunity to inspire women to do better in the country by providing a platform for them to share thoughts, ideas, and navigate through various endeavors.”

Describing the event as the first of its kind, Akande expressed LAP0’s pride in powering this maiden edition of the partnership. He emphasized the importance of financial awareness and decision-making, noting that many people lack access to quality financial engagement opportunities. Through this collaboration, LAPO aims to provide awareness of financial products and services to empower women to become active players in the economy.
Akande highlighted the presence of LAPO Microfinance Bank at the event, offering attendees the opportunity to access their products for business improvement. He stated, “After the sessions, we will engage with various women who can assess microfinance products and services to improve their businesses.”

Furthermore, Akande emphasized the role of women entrepreneurs, particularly those in technology and creative sectors, in driving economic growth. He encouraged attendees to explore LAPO’s bank products to enhance their businesses, ultimately contributing to the economy’s development.

LAPO’s partnership with Tedx Lagos underscores its commitment to empowering women through financial inclusion, providing them with the resources and support needed to thrive in their entrepreneurial endeavors and contribute significantly to Nigeria’s economy.

“We believe that this partnership brings together an opportunity for all attendees to gain financial awareness and empowerment. Through our speakers’ experiences, we aim to provide access to financial products and services that will enable women to become active contributors to the economy,” Akande said.

Mercy Akamo, organizer of Tedx Lagos Women, said “what we’re doing here is we’re celebrating amazing women who are change makers and innovators who are doing remarkable things in the community, and also Lagos, Nigeria, and Africa as a continent.”