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DafriBank is focused on rewarding customers, says MD

DafriBank is focused on rewarding customers, says MD

Despite being a digital-only bank, DafriBank is focused on having an excellent relationship with its over 20,000 customers in over 120 countries, said Catherine Anajemba, managing director.

“The giveaway contest is a testament to our intense customer relationship. It is part of our culture to regularly reward our clients as a way of spreading awareness about financial literacy and our business,” Anajemba said, citing the bank’s 2020 giveaway contest on Facebook in which six winners emerged across four African countries.

DafriBank, conceived in 2020, had gone through strategic planning, policy and development stage before it went live in July 2021.

In the words of the managing director, DafriBank differs from the traditional financial entities because it exists digitally without the needless concentration of physical infrastructure that incur huge non-value added costs which are ultimately borne by the clients.

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“We are harnessing the developments in technology globally to provide much more efficient and satisfactory services,” she said.

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Anajemba further disclosed that the primary target consumers of the bank are digital entrepreneurs and merchants.

“However, as we move further, we shall be innovating, improvising and introducing solutions that will elevate the experience of everyone connected with African and even overseas Finance,” she said.

Speaking on the products and services of DafriBank, Anajemba said, “We offer savings account, business account, merchant API, cross-border payment, private banking, offshore account.

she said DafriBank Digital has many customized features such as merchant API, cross-border payment, and global network which give it an advantage over other digital banks.

“Money sent by a client in America to Nigeria through DafriBank gets processed and received in Nigerian bank account in 10 minutes,” she said, adding that such transactions are extremely economical and error-proof.

“We do everything that PayPal and Skrill do, at faster and cheaper rate,” she claimed.