• Friday, May 24, 2024
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Governance: Accolades for Governor Alex Otti

Otti inaugurates 9-man digital economy, SME advisory committee in Abia

By Ayo Oyoze Baje


“Great leaders do not give excuses for failure but find the reasons to succeed, against all odds” – Anonymous

In a country where people are quick to criticise the wrongs, as committed by their political leaders, and mind you, such misdeeds and malfeasance are not a few – it has become expedient and compelling to identify, highlight and promote the sterling attributes of those changing the narrative.

The significance of course, is to serve as the guiding light in the long, dark tunnel of mass ignorance and poverty.

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Good enough, the incumbent Governor of Abia state, Dr. Alex Otti, stands out as a bright beacon of hope that indeed, good governance, which has remained elusive across many states of the federation is still a possibility here in the economically embattled county, Nigeria.

As the saying goes, “the morning shows the day.” In line with the promises made during the electioneering campaign, he got down to brass tasks, walking the talk on the areas of infrastructural development, education, healthcare delivery, agriculture and of course, that of electric power supply.

With the knowledge that strong infrastructure plays a vital role as the solid foundation to build a sustainable economy, the history-maker as the first Nigerian politician to become a state governor on the platform of the Labour Party, declared from his first day in office to revolutionalise the sector.

That perhaps, would explain why he kick-started that with the construction of nine roads all in one day!

For those who have visited Abia State years ago, going back on a visit this time around such a person will be literally shocked at how the state has been turned into one of a massive construction site.

Name it, Shallom Road, Old MCC Express Road, Umuimo Udeagbala, Jubilee Roads and Cemetery Road are all wearing a brand-new look. So, also are others that are currently undergoing reconstruction. These include Green Avenue, Queen Street, University and Port Harcourt Roads that have suffered years of utter neglect from previous administrations.

Similarly, apart from Aba, roads in other parts of the state have taken the attention of the Otti-led government. These include Umuahia-Ikot Epe Road and Umuahia- Uzuakoli Road. And making them safer and more attractive is the installation of solar lamps.

Beyond that is the fact that top quality construction is the hallmark of all these roads most of which were once pothole-riddled. What more, the fact that some of these road networks are being handled are being handled by Julius Berger Construction company has made the opposition parties and the naysayers simply speechless.

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But as if all these were not enough, the solid support Otti has given with regards to the much-needed but long- delayed electric power supply to Aba metropolis and not less than nine local government councils in the globally recognised industrial hub of the country has placed him on the glorious side of history.

It would be recalled that history was made on February 26, 2024 when the Prof. Barth Nnaji- led Geometric Group’s 141Mega Watts thermal power plant was switched on by Vice President Shettima.

It is worthy of note that the $800 million integrated power plant is the only IPP licensed to generate and distribute electricity in Nigeria. Also, worth mentioning is the all-important role played by this same patriot, Dr. Alex Otti to breathe life into Nnaji’s dream from his days at both the First Bank and the then Diamond Bank.

That was some 20 years ago! How instructive that it is now that Otti has become the governor that the brilliant vision has become a reality, calling on other state governors to take a cue and light up Nigeria from the decades of demonic darkness.

Proving to be a man who was adequately prepared for the art and science of governance, and understanding the significant role of the workforce, as the engine room and catalyst to add light to his vision he prioritized the workers ‘ welfare. He promised to ensure that salaries and all entitlements are paid latest by the 28th of each month and has so far kept to his promise.

That is integrity for you. Meanwhile, he has also put in place the verification of the workforce, including that of pensioners, to weed away all manner of ghost workers. There is prudence in the spending of the state ‘s resources.

In the light of that, his administration has given the much-needed attention to the health sector. While declaring open the renovated Abia state General Hospital, Amachara in September, 2023 the people’s governor reiterated his government’s commitment to making quality healthcare delivery affordable and accessible. it is on record that he has also declared open the renovated Abia State Specialist Hospital, the Diagnostic Centre and the Eye Clinic in Umuahia.

He has pledged to sanitise the drug distribution system in the state while making sure that the welfare of all the medical staff in the state a matter of priority. This has become necessary to discourage the “Japa Syndrome.”

As he rightly noted, the plans are on to strengthen the primary, secondary and tertiary arms of the health sector. It is all because only a healthy citizenry would accomplish his dreams for the state.

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As time and space would permit, there will be more insight in the assessment of Otti in other sectors such as education, agriculture as well as tourism and the entertainment industry.

But, all said, the great and life-changing achievements of Otti as Abia State governor in less than a year are praise worthy and the accolades are well-deserved. He is therefore, urged to keep the flag of selfless service to the state flying higher.