• Sunday, June 23, 2024
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NANTA Lagos Zone distributes 1,500 face-masks to aviation frontline workers, passengers

NANTA Lagos Zone distributes 1,500 face-masks to aviation frontline workers, passengers

As part of its efforts to support the COVID-19 safety protocols at the airport, the National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies (NANTA), Lagos Zone has commenced the distribution of face-masks to aviation frontline workers and passengers.

Some of the frontline workers that will get these face-masks are the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, (FAAN), the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority, (NCAA), International Air Transport Association (IATA), Bi-Courtney, immigrations, airport/airline check-in personnel, and travelling passengers.

Speaking during the distribution of the face masks to passengers and the management of Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited (BASL) at the Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminal Two, Yinka Folami, Vice President, NANTA, Lagos said what informed the initiative is COVID-19.

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“We all know how COVID-19 has impacted us. It has challenged us medically, socially and commercially. It is also a time for compassion and a time we all have to hold hands. It is a time to encourage the federal government and agency protocols regarding safety.

“We have made provisions for at least 250 families within the vicinity of our head office. We thought that we should strategically encourage travel protocols and safety. One of the things we said we should do is to give out facemasks. This will be for frontline staff of every agency that is involved in aviation,” Folami said.

He acknowledged the role Bi-Courtney has played in the restart of domestic operations, adding that the association is starting the initiative from Bi-Courtney to other agencies.

“The travelling public on their part are advised to be wary about the pattern and source of purchase of their travel tickets. All travel passengers deserve to be fully informed about travel protocols and destination restrictions in the imposed ‘new normal’. They should patronize accredited travel agents,” he said.

He assured that the face masks are very good, made of wool, easily breathable, fitted with filters and have passed the permeability test.

Mikail Mumuni, group corporate affairs manager, MMA2 commended the association for the face mask they are giving out to frontline workers and the travelling public through MMA2 terminal.

“This is a very kind gesture and it is in line with the federal government’s policy of ensuring that those who fly through our airports and all Nigerian airports do so safely and they are assured that when they fly they will not contact COVID-19.

Passengers can be rest assured that they are safe to fly and the aviation industry is gradually coming back to normalcy. Passengers’ cooperation as regards COVID-19 protocols has been amazingly positive. We on our part ensure that all the COVID-19 protocols are complied with and we are getting maximum cooperation from passengers,” Mumuni said.

Ima Victor-Ekpo, chairperson CSR Committee, NANTA Lagos Zone said NANTA, through the Lagos Zone, set up a CSR Committee to provide relief to families within the vicinity of her headquarters in Lagos (Ikorodu Road) and to support the COVID 19 Safety Protocols by distributing 1500 face-masks to aviation frontline workers.

“We like to seize the opportunity to applaud the control and containment interventions by the federal government in response to the outbreak of COVID 19 and the tireless participation of several concerned agencies and organizations in enforcing and monitoring safe return to travel normalcy,” Victor-Ekpo said.