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Firm launches tech platforms to facilitate private jets’ booking in Africa

Falcon Aerospace Limited, a business aviation firm has launched two technology platforms designed to ease business jet booking and make access to the service more inclusive.

The firm unveiled the products, Vivajets, CharterXE, and FlyPJX in Lagos recently.

According to Chukwuerika Achum, chief executive officer at Falcon Aerospace, the company’s business model derives from the increased demand for business aviation by more Africans doing business across and outside Africa, and non-Africans flying into the continent for business and tourism.

“We are proud of our African origin and are deeply committed to the continent’s development. As an organization with deep African roots and values, we possess a significant understanding of the business terrain in Africa,” Achum said.

In addition, he said; “The company’s obsession with innovation has led it to create products targeted at delivering more value to customers.

“Operating through our business units, we aim to make a difference in an often exclusive and elusive market via the delivery of excellent customer service, the adaptation of technology, inclusive customer targeting, and continuous innovation.”

Achum further explained that in Africa, business activity and innovation are growing alongside a rapid increase in the continent’s young vibrant population.

And with this thirst for enterprise, there is a growing yearning to showcase Africa to the world even as many Africans continue to seek greener pastures and achieve success in the diaspora.

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According to him, this portends enormous opportunities for both Africans and non-Africans to do business in an increasingly globalised world.

“One of the greatest facilitators of these transforming interactions is aviation. More business aviation outfits are, therefore, needed to cater for the customised needs of those flying in and out of Africa for business.

“Our first business unit, Vivajets a full-business aviation company providing a wide range of services including charter brokerage, fractional ownership, Aircraft management, sales and leasing, consulting, and training.

“Vivajets is the company’s operational brand and will relate with regulators and other critical industry stakeholders to get the necessary permits, certifications, and licenses for the group to operate,” Achum said.

He said the second business unit is CharterXE, which is an automated private jet booking platform that provides access to the company’s charter brokerage services through digital devices.

Available as a mobile app and also via the web, he said CharterXE leverages cutting-edge technological innovation to cut through all the physical hassles involved in booking a private jet.

“Our third business unit FlyPJX, is a charter per-seat booking platform designed to provide access to all the luxury of private jet service without needing to book the entire aircraft. It provides important information and flight schedules that enable the user to select preferences.”

The serial entrepreneur revealed that Falcon Aero as an African company originating from Nigeria, has great hope for the continent. Nevertheless, he said that the firm is not naive to be oblivious to the numerous challenges facing our beleaguered country and continent.

“For one, democracy continues to grow in Africa in spite of its intensely flawed implementation. More importantly, Africans are becoming more enterprising with increased digital connectivity and innovation. This has led to the explosion of start-ups across the continent with a significant number becoming unicorns within the first five years. These innovative startups have also attracted significant FDI to the continent,” he said.

Tejumade Salami, head of business excellence in his speech said the company’s aim in introducing the products is to ‘democratise’ business aviation and make the service accessible and affordable to more people.

“Tonight, we are celebrating the birth of Falcon Aero and its products, heralding a new future of possibilities in the African business aviation market,” Salami said.