Aero launches new check-in device to ease passenger facilitation

Aero contractors, Nigeria’s oldest airline, has launched a new device, known as Pro-Rangers, to ease passenger processing and facilitation across various airports where it operates.

The device which is expected to reduce passenger processing time by 50 percent will enable passengers check-in from the comfort of their homes and airports, escaping the hassles of long queues while they only get their boarding pass at the airport without queuing up.

Speaking about the device at the airline’s office at Lagos airport on Monday, Peter Omata, head, ground operations, said the airline deployed the device for seamless passenger facilitation, security and accuracy.

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Speaking on how Pro-Rangers work, Omata said, ‘the device aid facilitation, expedites the boarding procedures while enhancing online performance. The device helps in capturing passengers’ data from the boarding gate. Once it detects the passenger at the gate, it gives us appropriate profiling and produces a comprehensive manifest.

“Passengers can check-in remotely from any part of the airports, especially those without baggage, making facilitation seamless for the traveling public”, he said.

While disclosing that the airline has deployed 31 devices across the airports, he added that the Pro-Rangers device has an App and it is webpage device such that once passengers log in with a code, they can check-in from anywhere in the country.

He added that the device is capable of detecting fake boarding while it can board 140 passengers in 15 minutes, reducing the facilitation time.

Meanwhile, the airline has introduced a new schedule aimed at addressing passengers’ needs.

Chika Ubendu, head, commercial department, said the airline has not increased frequency but initiated a rescheduling that will allow passengers travel to their destinations at the right time.

“The rescheduling is now more in tune with passengers’ requirements, we made sure that whatever we have now is what the passengers will be comfortable with. For instance, we have rescheduled Lagos-Asaba from 4 p.m to 9. a.m, we have also rescheduled the Yola route”, she said.

Aero currently flies to Lagos; Port Harcourt; Abuja; Kano; Yola; Benin; Warri; Calabar and Sokoto.

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