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Trailing Olo Omidan Bata, her rhythm, sensational beats

Trailing Olo Omidan Bata, her rhythm, sensational beats

If you are a lover of African rhythms and sounds, there is a unique sound that will delight your ears anytime. It is a sweet melody from the Bata drum, a three-piece drum from South West of Nigeria, and also an exclusive preserve of the male folks.

But the uniqueness of the bata drum is that a young and energetic lady is beating it better than the men; creating melodious sounds, enthralling dance steps and meaningful lyrics at the same time.

Welcome to the world of Ibukun Bisola Ayoola, Nigeria’s first female bata performer, and an undoubtedly young queen of bata drum, who is already making waves globally.

The female artiste, who stages as Olo Omidan Bata, performs under the stable of Atunda Entertainment, a popular entertainment group, making waves in the entertainment scene with her sights trained on the height.

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She blazes the trail with her show of exceptional display on the three-piece bata drum combining it effectively with her sensational singing and titillating performance that is accompanied by well-choreographed backup dancers.

Without sounding immodest, the artiste seems to be the Nigerian version of Beyonce due to her very physical and energy-packed performances. “I work out and practice every day and that is the only way I get my energy. God is my strength,” the drummer says.

But apart from a miniature drum she always wears on her neck, there is nothing that will make one think she is a drummer.

Historically, Olo is from Oyo, where the people are renowned for their prowess and magic feats with the Bata drum, which traditionally is their ancestral and cultural symbolism when it comes to entertainment. Somehow, fate has put her on the path of destiny, which she has fully embraced and already carved a niche for herself as Nigeria’s first female Bata performer.

She started out as one of the singers and back-up artistes for Anu, another of Atunda Entertainment sensational acts. She never thought of drumming the bata in her life. However, in one of the rehearsals, the founder of Atunda Entertainment just gave her the bata drum and said ‘Ibukun you are going to be playing the drum,’ and that was how she started drumming.

Since then, Olo Omidan Bata, a coinage by the founder of the group to reflect her symmetric facial look and the bata drum that has become part of her life, has never looked back. Rather she has continued to dazzle her growing clan of fans whenever she steps on stage.

The emerging female bata drummer, who wears a miniature of the drum on her neck, was born in Kaduna and attended Blessed Academy, Kaduna for her nursery and primary education before proceeding to Topgrade High School in Ogun State for her secondary education.

She dreams of a university education, while insisting that her youthful years are not on hold because of music as she still finds time to relive her youth just like any youth of her age.

Still in her youthful age, Olo certainly dreams big for her age and she is quick to tell you that her talent will take her places with Atunda Entertainment where she seems to be a perfect fit with the right instructors and mentors who have since taken her as their protégé and are more than ready to conquer the world of entertainment with her.

Watching her drum and sing at the same time, you are amazed by her passion, the flow and magic that she exudes on stage. Her sonorous renditions, especially when she goes folkloric and poetic, are somewhat contagious and elicit spontaneous reactions from the audience.

The fact is, Olo simply glows on the stage and she attributes her electric performance to the happiness and joy she derives from drumming and entertaining the audience.

Once again, as the New Year gradually rolls on, Olo Omidan Bata, is set to explode on the world stage as she takes her musical act to some cities across the world. Be on the lookout for her!