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‘Three Women’ by Bunmi Oyinsan is an Epic Tale you Wouldn’t Want to Miss Reading This Weekend

Happy new year to you, dear reader!

I hope you took some time off the holidays to cool off, refresh and restrategize for 2021? I know I did and with better-rested eyes and brain, I uncovered an interesting book I believe you’ll enjoy kickstarting the new year with.

Our headliner for this week is an intimate portrayal of the voices of three generations of African women as seen through the portrait of a not-so-simple family. It is a sprawling epic about the impacts of false allegations and has all the electrifying dramas and lessons you’d expect from a tale like this one sandwiched with unexpected plot twists and turns.

It’s an epic tale you wouldn’t want to miss reading, so let’s dive in already.

Three Women by Bunmi Oyinsan

Aduke is ostracized by her family when she is accused of witchcraft. Her daughter, Ibidun, confused and rebellious, is raised to distrust her. But after getting pregnant as a teenager, Ibidun is forced to seek out her mother for help and is compelled by circumstances to leave her infant daughter in her mother’s care.
The years pass as Aduke and her granddaughter, Oyinkan, two outcasts haunted by the fact that they were both born outside wedlock, become closer. As Oyinkan is on the threshold of adulthood, her precarious world is shattered by the death of her beloved grandmother, which forces her to confront her past in order to forge a new and better future. Read Three Women HERE.

Underworld Heaven by Amadak Ubeng

Intriguing, exciting, and riveting are the words to describe Underworld Heaven by Amadak Ubeng. If you are a lover of fantasy fiction, then Underworld Heaven is your must-read. It is a terrific storytelling masterpiece by Amadak. From the setting to the plot to character conceptualization, everything just blends perfectly to create a captivating work of fiction.
Amadak’s storytelling prowess is undeniable – she is creative, intelligent, and full of imagination. These attributes, which are evident in Underworld Heaven, make the story a worthy read and stand Amadak out as a skilled writer with big aspirations; putting her on a pedestal that many writers are struggling to reach. Read Underworld Heaven HERE.

From Flab to Fab by Oluwafemi Adesalaam

We know you ate to your fill during the holidays, now it’s time to shed those extra pounds. Go from flab to fab today! Read Flab to Fab HERE.

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