Choose to challenge by reading theese books that celebrate women on OkadaBooks this weekend

Happy International Women’s Day to every woman all over the world. For us to achieve gender parity, all hands must be on deck. We should challenge inequality, call out bias, question stereotypes and help forge an inclusive world. The fight for equality belongs to us all.

This week , we’re bringing you three books that celebrate women and challenges every societal ills that attempt to bring them down.

It tells the story of the average Nigerian woman, and the global woman by extension, in a punchy tone that aims to upset the reader enough to do something about the woes that bedevil the Nigerian woman today. Everyone agrees that the subtle but deeply entrenched notion in society that a woman is a second-class citizen must be dethroned. Sadly, only precious few have actually put their hands to the plough. What is needed isn’t just the zeal for change but the requisite knowledge to actualise it. Read More

“Women Do Business” is a compilation of “Answers to Business Questions” asked on the Excel Woman TV Show. These Questions were asked by Women just like yourself – either looking to start a new business or grow an existing business.

You will find answers spanning the topics of – Start-up, Marketing, Upscaling, Operations Management and much more.

Whatever stage you are in Business, “Women Do Business” promises to empower you for the next level! Read More

Meet Ife, a career-driven single lady. After a series of heartbreaks from men, she finally discovers the reason for her existence. Just about then, love finds her when she least expects.

Who’s a girl without her support system?

With her best friends Pamela (the recently engaged fashionista) and Tarila (the sit-at-home mom), Ife finally stood up for a cause that would infiltrate her generation. Read More

This should be week, not month. OkadaBooks for the Weekend on Business Day is a weekly column.

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