Celebrate children’s day with these books on OkadaBooks this weekend

Nelson Mandela once said that children are our greatest treasure. They are our future. Those who abuse them tear at the fabric of our society and weaken our nation. I couldn’t agree less. On this very special day, we celebrate with every child in Nigeria. Happy Children’s Day.

This week, we’re bringing you three books that mark a celebration of children, raise awareness for issues that affect them and help us appreciate that they are the future of our societies.

Growing up in a small remote village, Ramla will face challenges that threaten to set her back in life. But Ramla does not want a pity party. All she wants is a good life, and that is exactly what she got! Read More

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8-year-old Fiyinoluwa’s life took a major turnaround when her parents died in a motor accident. Her stepmother and step brothers became the opposite of what they were to her the moment her parents died.

How would Fiyin survive in a home of hatred and slavery? Would Fiyin ever succeed in an environment that seems to make her nothing? Read More

The Tortoise and The Fox is a children’s graphic book that tells the story about the tortoise and the myth of his wit and cunny nature. The children’s book aims to teach an important lesson about anger and not taking rash actions when angry. Read More