Mistakes you shouldn’t make when you get laid off due to COVID-19 pandemic

This is an unprecedented season, and no one, not even C-suites understand in entirety the times. No clarity yet on when the economies and businesses will pick up wholesomely.

However, Linkedin, Glassdoor and other job boards are still recording some job adverts flowing in, in the healthcare, retail, warehousing, freight delivery and disaster relief nonprofits industries. More so, other industries not earlier mentioned are interviewing (low key) alongside those industries earlier stated, although offers are being stalled due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation.

At the very least, you want to be on the pipeline of those who are interviewing. Here are my thoughts to increase your chances of achieving just that, without sabotaging yourself.

Commenting with “I am interested” or “interested” on all vacancies: Unknown to you, all your comments are seen by your LinkedIn connections and you may come off as desperate or not mindful, to some who don’t understand your predicament. Moreso, when desperation sets in, you unintentionally reduce your negotiating power and perceived value to potential companies.

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Your likely argument: “I don’t care, I just want a job right now. I have dependants to support and bills to pay, Ijeoma.”

Proposed strategy: There are other ways to go about this, you can send an email to the email address indicated in the job advert. If that option is not available, send a private LinkedIn email to such recruiters, or ask your mutual connections to share the recruiters email with you, then pitch yourself to the recruiter.

Light bulb moment: If the recruiter clearly stated in the job advert that you should type “interested,” in the comment section on LinkedIn please, do not. That statement should help you discern that the recruiter/brand does not understand standard recruitment practice, and as a talented professional that you are, you should apply caution in how you get associated with such brand(s).

Not engaging at all: You read posts, you find them extremely interesting and of value, but you do not like, comment, or share your perspective for others to appreciate or benefit from you. You have an opinion on something you know people will find valuable, but you don’t share (Never have you posted anything on LinkedIn).

Your likely argument: “Ijeoma, I am not the talking type naturally, that is my style”. Or you say, “I am out of a job Ijeoma, and I feel so ashamed of myself.”

Proposed strategy: My dad says, “it is only a lady who goes out and is seen, that gets a husband.” Thanks to Linkedin, you can go out and be seen, while in the comfort of your home. How about that? Use it as your leverage. You should be engaging on posts you find interesting, as it boosts your chances of appearing on people’s feeds. It helps them to remember you exist, so that when a job comes up, you are on top of mind.

Light bulb moment: Linkedin is a powerful tool, that boosts your visibility chances in that peradventure you have ten people engage on your post (ie. Like, comment, reshare) and all ten people have an average of fifty connections, Linkedin is positioned in a way that such post of yours can be seen by those 10 * 50 = 500 people who may not even be in your first level connection, ceteris paribus. Lastly, the issue of your job loss is a past happening. Please, don’t allow that to affect what the future holds for you – it is indeed promising.

Trusting this post served you. Also I urge you to share this post with a loved one who was affected by the COVID-19 layoffs, you maybe that Hidden Hero that would give someone’s career a major boost.

Trusting this article served you and you found it resourceful.

Ijeoma Nkwonta is a Career Management Specialist with multi dimensional experience across multiple sectors including Energy and Consulting and countries such as Nigeria, US, UK and India. She supports senior and mid-level professionals gain clarity on their career development goals and make novel career progression and transition into new career paths. Read more of her writings and thoughts on her LinkedIn business page (CareerRudder) and her instagram account (@careerrudder).

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