Meet Kaywonder, the convener of Invasion Praise

Kayode Solomon Eludiwura popularly known as Kay wonder is a Nigerian gospel singer, songwriter, and music composer best known for singing Urban, gospel high life music in African contemporary style that Christians all over the world have been touched by his songs. He has released lots of amazing songs like oke nla nla, onikokoro, Jewo Ara Re, etc. Kay wonder is the convener of a powerful yearly program tagged Invasion Praise and this has been a blessing to thousands of souls both at home and across the globe.

He started singing at age seven at The Apostolic Church, in Abeokuta Ogun State where he learned to play all musical instruments including the keyboard, drumset, and all Stringed instruments. Much later, he gradually formed a band with which he performed both gospel and secular music.

He had his primary and secondary school in Abeokuta. After relocating to Lagos, he furthered his studies at Lagos State University, Lasu Ojo…from where he bagged his Bachelor of Arts degree in 2013 in the discipline of History and International Studies, in this interview with Onyinye, talks about his journey so far, his mission and vision attached to his music career, and why he is so grateful to GOD, as well as his intention to use his songs in winning souls for Christ.

At what age did you discover your passion for music?
I discovered my passion for music at age seven.

How were you convinced that singing is your talent?
I got convinced that singing is my talent because I always find joy while singing and also feel the presence of GOD when singing.

Is music for you a gift or a call?
I will say it is both. It is a gift from GOD, but when I switched from secular to the gospel it was a calling. so, it is my ministry, a gift from GOD and also my career.

If not for music what would you have become?
I really love office jobs e.g bankers. but I had to focus on what I had a passion for and find joy in doing, which is music. it was deposited in me by the holy spirit. the holy spirit can never lead astray.

Did your stage name ” kay wonders” come as a message from God to you or did you get the idea of the name by yourself?
My elder brother gave me the stage name ”kay wonder ”. so, he’s actually the secret behind the name.

Do you feel people are really touched and blessed by your songs?
Yes. to the glory of GOD almighty souls have really been blessed by my songs. It has been GOD’s mercy all the way, the bible says it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth but of God that showeth. Romans 9:16

What are the missions and visions attached to your music career?
I see so many mighty nations worship GOD under the mighty hands of GOD through our ministry, I see so many hopeless situations restored back, I see lame working through our worship, and I see the dead coming back to life through our worship.

What makes you stand out among your fellow gospel singers in the industry?
I’m not thinking I am better than anyone out there, but I think the anointing upon each and every one of us will make a difference. And the anointing of the living GOD will make you stand out.

What is the secret behind the energy you give while performing on stage.?The Holy Ghost is the secret behind my energy. And many times I might feel empty before getting to the microphone or being tired i.e feeling sick or strong. but once I get to hold the microphone through the leading of the holy I automatically become another person.

Aside from music, what else do you do for a living?

Aside from music, I’m also into event planning. If you check the back of one of my albums you will see the contact like -Kaywonder Event Planning.

Have your music career given you enough time for your family.

To the glory of GOD, I am trying to strike a balance between the work of the ministry and the family. Though my family understands when it comes to work, we work.

How have you been able to overcome temptations as a gospel singer?

A powerful one, It hasn’t been easy, but the bible says ”I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.

GOD is really helping me. also, you have to stay holy, and always pray for the power to overcome temptations. As a gospel minister, you have to put this scripture in your heart ”GOD is a spirit , those that will worship him must worship him in truth and in spirit.

What should your fans expect from you soon?
BY the special grace of GOD, You all should get ready for Invasion praise concert season3.

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