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Kick off the year with an exciting spa experience

Considering the unprecedented challenges the world faced in 2020, it is expected that those who survived the ordeal should take out time to rejuvenate and refresh the body, mind and soul in order to be better prepared for the uncertainties of the new year.

Of course, one of such preparations is an exciting spa experience, which is simply what the body needs to reboot, kick start the new year with the right frame of mind, and to achieve set goals.

For a choice of spa to visit in the new year, the Amani Spa is worth your time, money and indulgence.

The spa is offering those who have not visited Radisson Blu Hotel Ikeja or those who visited only on business purpose, the opportunity to explore premium leisure trappings of the hotel, especially this new year.

There is no better time to kick back in one of the 94 stylish rooms and suites than this new year.

Truly, the Amani Spa is a reason to visit the hotel, especially now in order to refresh, and indulge in premium leisure offering from the stable of Amani, an indigenous Africa spa brand.

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The brand is a leading spa brand and creator of awardwinning and exceptional spa experiences in exciting sought-after destinations of incredible beauty across the continent.

“Amani” means peace in Swahili and encapsulates the spirit of Amani’s mission to evoke a sense of “inner peace”, to enable people to reconnect with themselves and improve their quality of life through physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

At the spa, which is located on the first floor of Radisson Blu Hotel Ikeja, the experience is the same as in other Amani Spa destinations in Africa.

Beyond glowing the skin with natural ingredients, on a visit, a guest wakes up to goodness and stays healthy afterwards.

Your experience starts with the warmth at the spa concierge, genuine smiles that welcome you and proper documentations that help the staff to offer you packages that fit you.

Jade Phillips, a spa specialist, leads a team of trained staff, who are equally passionate about their work, to deliver memorable experiences to guests.

Aside from the leisure purpose, visiting the spa, according to Jade Phillips, offers visitors the opportunity to rejuvenate their spirit, regain balance and restore the skin after the havoc wreaked on it by stress in the passing year.

While there are many treatments and offerings, top among them include: The Royal Journey, the spa treatment, which lasts for 90 minutes regenerates and lifts the body after a process of purifying, detoxifying and healing the body through a holistic mineral mud experience.

As well, the 24 Carat Cleopatra, which lasts for 90 minutes is an extraordinary signature treatment, which combines the power and science of 24 carat gold for a flawless skin tone.

For a holistic head to toe experience, the Pearlescence is recommended. But the ultimate indulgence lies with the Amani Signature Journeys, a 90-minute Kurhula body ritual, a unique and luxurious full body massage using Amani’s signature coconut massage balm, flows into a revitalising mini facial bringing balance to the body, mind and soul.

As well, you need to experience the Jewel of Africa Massage. The 90 minutes experience offers restorative and energising quality of warm salt crystals, rich coconut balm and flowing movements, which work in unison to rapidly reduce tension in the body.

Yet, Hydro Harmony indulges one in a 90-minute exhilarating Rasul session with the self-application of a body peel and mask. Followed by a floatation pool session imitating the Dead Sea, the session results in deep relaxation and relief of joint and muscular tension.

But the African Rungu is another package to experience at the spa. It is a 60-minute unique African massage, which uses an ancient African warrior stick to deliver long deep pressure strokes that facilitates deep tissue manipulation promoting pain reduction and improved blood and lymph circulation.

Other offerings include hot stone massage, Swedish, couple, Aromatherapy, pedicure and manicure, deep tissue, body wrap, body polish, flotation, Amani romance, royals, bride-to-be, corporate packages, among others.

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