J’ray, Nigerian Afrobeat artist finds balance in music, tech

Morojuoluwa Oke also known as J’ray, a multi-disciplinary Afrobeats artiste, has shared how he is able to effectively navigates between his tech and music career without any of them suffering.

According to the Texas Tech University-trained Software Engineer and Programming Whizz, tech and music share similar processes that thrive on creativity and innovation.

“The combination of music and tech is actually one that is not far-fetched because there is an underlying principle behind both, innovation. As a software engineer, I am constantly having to innovate, think outside the box, and deliver to customers.

“The principle behind my music is exactly the same, being innovative with melodies, beats, and lyrics, constantly evolving my sound to please my fans. The most challenging aspect is finding a balance between both, a feat which I constantly improve on through better time management and effective prioritization” J’ray said.

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“Tech for me came about due to my nature as a silent inquisitive person. Growing up, I found myself always taking different technology apart to find out what went on inside, phones, TVs, you name it. I would break open some of my toys to find out why they worked the way they did.”

“This desire for knowledge of how the technology worked made me pursue a career in Computer science where I get to not only learn how things work but also develop fascinating technology for consumers. Through my Computer Science degree, professionally, I have worked as a Software Engineer at some amazing tech companies, and more recently at Visa, a position I currently hold.”

Born Morojuoluwa Oke, J’ray is the second child in a family of four. He attended Badestay Nursery and Primary School, Lagos before transferring to Bizben International School, Lagos. His secondary school education was at Trinity International College, Mowe Ofada, Ogun State. He proceeded to the United States where he studied Computer Science at Texas Tech University.

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