• Thursday, June 13, 2024
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How to look fashionable in berets

Gone are the days when berets were only worn to church or religious gatherings. Berets can be worn to social gatherings such as parties, clubs, birthdays and still win the shine for the day. People can now look chic, attractive and fashionable in their berets, depending on how the berets are worn.

Mercy Chinwo, the popular female gospel musician has since shown there is more to berets than just wearing them to cover the hair. Chinwo hardly dresses up without her berets. She sure has different styles and colours of berets which has since got people wondering why the choice of berets all the time. When asked by her fans on Instagram why she wears berets all the time, she says, “I look special and unique each time I put on my beret and when I joined my church choir, we were all using berets as part of our uniform. I have since loved to put on berets.”

Like Mercy Chinwo, many other people love to wear berets but for several other reasons. Unlike earrings, glasses or a face mask, berets don’t rely on your ears for support (really, our ears are doing so much these days), so rejoice in your ear freedom as you jauntily place a beret atop your head.

The beret has long graced the heads of many iconic individuals throughout history, and they’ve often been symbols of revolution.

Depending on the material and size of said beret, you can either go chic and minimalist; or big, floppy and bold. There’s a beret for every occasion.

While you may not be the beret kind of woman, you might just want to give it a try as long as you follow style tips on how to wear a beret the right way—from a real-life accidental beret person, alongside some very stylish ladies on Instagram.

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Wear it with minimal makeup

People usually worry about a beret coming off as “too much,” and one way to avoid looking over-the-top is by keeping your makeup minimal. French women are known for their less-is-more approach to beauty, so opt for a subtle berry-stained lip and bare face or a wash of blush, tinted lip balm, and touch of mascara. And you’ll be amazed, how lovely you’ll look.

Use it as a transition piece

The beauty of the beret is that it’s heavy enough to keep your head warm in winter but lightweight enough to bring with you into spring. It pairs well with transitional outfits (like long-sleeve dresses and billowy blouses) and will add a feminine touch to your springtime style.

The beret can be the focus

If you’re feeling uncomfortable by your look as a whole, a colourful beret is an easy way to make a statement. This all-black look needed some extra oomph, so I added a bright red hat to make it pop.

Modernise the hat

If you’re worried about looking frumpy, a fun finish or a bold hue will bring your look into the 21st century. Go with patent leather or neon to keep the grandma vibes at bay, then add dad shoes and stacked chains for a street-smart flair.

Make it edgy

There’s something rather feminine about the beret, but you can easily add a rock-and-roll feel with a moto jacket or combat boots. This slip dress and boots combo will strike the perfect balance between sultry and a little rough around the edges.