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How beauty blogger Sabrina Bradley spreads positivity through Instagram

With a platform based on images first and text second, Instagram is the social media of choice for creative businesses such as food, wine, art, and beauty.

Skin-care specialists, makeup artists, beauty bloggers, and manufacturers flock to Instagram to post and share their work. One such user is Sabrina Bradley.

Located in Los Angeles, Sabrina is a self-made esthetician with clients varying from everyday people to A-list celebrities.

She has made a name for herself in this industry with a specialization in holistic skincare. This gives people a better understanding of what leads to better skin, and Sabrina emphasizes the importance of the mind, body, and spirit working in unity for a more harmonious lifestyle.

Sabrina uses Instagram to showcase her business while promoting wellness, self-love, and healthy lifestyle habits.

She travelled to Japan in 2000 to learn about holistic practices, seeking out mentors to share ancient remedies and traditions she could incorporate into her work. This turned out to be a very smart move as it appealed to people looking for clean, natural skin-care options.

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When she was 19, Sabrina became a Mary Kay consultant. It was here that she learned business skills and discovered more about women’s empowerment.

She quickly realized that she wanted clients to take her more seriously and set a goal of becoming a licensed esthetician. She attended the Phagan Beauty School in Portland, Oregon, and founded Skincare by Sabrina in 2000. In 2009, she decided to step things up by moving to Los Angeles.

This decision was based on two reasons: to build her business and find her biological mother. On the professional front, Sabrina attended the well-known Marinello Beauty School to further her education.

In addition to giving her clients an amazing experience and promoting self-love and care, Sabrina gives back to her community. She offers random cash and product giveaways on her Instagram account as she is fully aware that people are going through hardships, especially in the wake of the COVID pandemic.

Her philanthropy doesn’t end there, as Sabrina helps to feed LA’s large homeless population and hands out care packages to those who need them most.

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