Hauwa De Zuzu; indigenous art, fashion house with eye on global market

On Sunday February 13, 2022, the Radisson Blu Hotel Ikeja was besieged by a crowd of art, culture and fashion lovers, who came to see exciting displays of culture and fashion by one of their own.

That day, the largest hall in the hotel, was the runway for over 15 models, who catwalk on the laid-out platform to showcase enthralling designs by Hauwa De Zuzu. They were radiating in the ethnic fabrics; ranging from Adire, Asoke, lace and others.

The cheers from the crowd said it all as the models impressed the audience with their beautifully designed wears, smiles and swag.

As well, there was an art exhibition of works by five visual artists whose creativity complemented the bold statement the organisers are making with the event.

Of course, credit goes to Bukola Owoyemi Oriagba, creative director, Hauwa De Zuzu, whose creative juices created and produced the designs.

Speaking at the event, she noted that the fashion parade event, signaled the relaunch of the fashion house, which debuted in 2019.

With the Hauwa De Zuzu ‘Ashiwaju collection’, she noted that the Nigerian brand is set to take on the globe, showcasing African art, culture and heritage to the world.

According to Oriagba, most of designs are for regular wears, and not just for fashion runway or showcase.

“We make statement pieces; we are different because we celebrate diversity, womanhood and the African woman.

We want people all over the world to start seeing and getting use to African fashion in their boutiques and everywhere”, she said.

Aside from that, she noted that the fashion house wants to use its platform to promote African art, culture and heritage; starting with the Lagos.

“With the relaunch, we want to open our fashion house in Lagos, and later in the UK where I am based because we want it to be known all over the world. We are launching first in Lagos because it is all about Africa and we are promoting Africa to the world.”

For the models, she plans to further expose them on international fashion platforms like Paris Fashion Week among others.

Expressing her excitement over the success of the event, the creative director noted that Hauwa De Zuzu ‘Ashiwaju collection’ was not all about fashion runway, but art and also exhibiting some of the brand’s designs that are off the runway, so that people can buy them and wear. “We make cloths for regular women, few pieces for men and we also hope to design for big celebrities”, she concluded while looking forward to another edition of the event in the nearest future.

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