Fourtune, an exhibition by four likeminded artists, still runs at Mydrim Gallery

Since April 10, 2021, art lovers, collectors and the general public have been thronging Mydrim Gallery to see an enthralling exhibition by four likeminded visual artists.

Aptly titled ‘Fourtune’, the ongoing exhibition is featuring 42 works by four artists including; Olufemi Oyewole, Salako Olajide, Raji Mohammed, and Funke Oladimeji.

However, the uniqueness of the exhibition, being hosted at the Ikoyi-based art gallery in Lagos, is that the title, ‘Fourtune’ is carved from ‘four’ ‘tune’, reflecting the four artists that came together in the exhibition project.

As well, the four artists have been members of the Generations: The Future Masters exhibition series and now have honed their skills and are leaving the space for upcoming artists.

Speaking on his works during a press preview of the forthcoming exhibition, Salako Olajide, one of the participating artists, noted that the exhibition project is ushering the four participating artists in their next level and place of recognition, having been mentored, honed their skills and now ready to showcase the mastering of their craft. The artist, who is exhibiting 10 works, also appreciated Mydrim Gallery for offering them its platform to grow and further exploit the art world at a global scale.

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In the presentation of her works, Funke Oladimeji, another artist, explained that her works for the exhibition capture everyday life, challenges, hustling, her environment, stories that people do not tell, among others. She is displaying 11 works with some titles like; Orije (spirit of enterprise), Business District, The Origin, among others.

On the other hand, Olufemi Oyewole is excited about participating in the exhibition, which he likened to a visual contest where four individuals want to display their creative styles and expressions through their works. “It is healthy rivalry and good for us”, he said, while noting further that he is displaying 10 works with titles like Familiar Route Heading Home, among others.

Oyewole is more interested in the process and technical proficiency deplored to get the job done.

Like others, Raji Mohammed is set to thrill art lovers, collectors and the general public at the exhibition. He is displaying 10 works that capture his experiences, state of the nation, everyday life, his environment, among others.

Some of his works include; stuck, looking within, looking without, among others.

Also speaking at the press preview, Sinmidele Adesanya, director, Mydrim Gallery, and lead curator of the exhibition, expressed her joy that the four artists, who the gallery has been nurturing, are now masters of their craft.

With the upgrading from ‘Generations: The Future Masters’ exhibition series to now ‘Fourtune’, Adesanya assured that there is hope, as the four are leading new generation artists that are now addressing the decline in basic skills among new generation artists and also and closing the gap with improved skills evident in their ingenious works.

“These four artists are now bold, well-grounded and can stand on their own. They are qualified to stand at par with any master in the world”, Mydrim Gallery director assured.

She explained further that Mydrim has been with the artists from their early stages, and has seen them hone their skills and grow. “They have mastered their craft, you can see the influence of their various mentors and art masters in their works”, she concluded.

Fourtune, which opened on April 10, 2021, is now in its second week and is expected to end on April 24, 2021 amid private preview and observance of social distancing.

The exhibition also rides on the success of Mydrim Gallery’s first show of the year titled, ‘Landscapes and Beyond’, which featured works by Joseph Ayelero and Oluwafemi Otoki; two landscape painters.

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