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For Andreas Kuffner, living your ‘best life’ matters

It can be tough to juggle a lot. Between demanding careers, family, and social responsibilities, our to-do list seems never-ending, and time is a scarce resource.

When it comes to successfully fulfilling our obligations and meeting our goals, it’s not only about how we manage our time but how we approach life in general.

Andreas Küffner, a motivational speaker known for inspiring audiences worldwide to live their best lives, shares his unique perspective on how he balances his many roles between life and business.

Motivated by combining his vision with rapidly changing technology, Küffner launched his business – helping others transform their passion into successful lifestyles.

“In life, there is much potential,” states Küffner. “We not only need to know how to find it but also how to optimize it.”

Time management

“First, you have to take an objective look at time management and scrutinize how you are spending your time,” explains Küffner.

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“Many people are overwhelmed by what they have to do, and that comes with poor time management. Allocate the appropriate amount of time for tasks and eliminate distractions,” he adds.

Küffner seeks to attain a return on investment on his time. “You get back what you put in. Use it wisely.”


Küffner is not afraid to delegate.

“You can’t do everything,” he explains. “As you grow, bring talented people you trust onboard who share your vision.”

Andreas Küffner attributes a lot of his success to his team.

“Don’t be afraid to put your eyes and ears on the ground. Asking for help is often the smartest move you can make,” he says.

Don’t be afraid to say no

Success relies on saying no to everything that isn’t.

“The worst thing an entrepreneur can do is overextend themselves. Say no if something doesn’t align with your values or you do not have time for it. Remember, we want to minimize distractions, and we can’t be everywhere at the same time,” states Küffner.

Whether it’s teaching others to break their sales records or improving their mindset, Küffner knows what it’s like to balance a lot, and he has an expert way of accomplishing that. Through tenacity, laser focus and outreach, Andreas Küffner makes balancing life look easy, one focused goal at a time.

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