Ebonylife partners Idris Elba to groom talents for African film industry

Mo Abudu, CEO of Ebonylife, partnered with Idris Elba, actor, and founder of Green Door Productions, to empower African talent and create diverse content on a worldwide scale.

The collaboration intends to create opportunities through capacity building and large-scale global productions and also establish new education and mentoring activities to promote a new generation of creatives.

According to Mo Abudu, “Our first goal is to replicate the successful model of the EbonyLife Creative Academy across the continent. By doing so, we hope to provide top-tier education to African talent and empower them to succeed in the industry”.

“Secondly, we aim to develop a new slate of feature films and TV series that originate from Africa or the Diaspora. These projects will be created with global audiences in mind” she said.

She went further to state that the co-productions between Green Door Pictures and EbonyLife Media will provide a diverse range of content for broadcasters and streamers, as well as theatrical distribution on a global scale.

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“We at EbonyLife believe that collaboration is key in amplifying diverse voices. We are proud of all our partnerships worldwide and remain dedicated to building on them to further our mission of creating a more inclusive media landscape. We are excited about bringing these stories to your screens soon. While the process of producing these stories can be long and enduring, we are committed to sharing them with the world as soon as possible,” Abudu said.

Idris Elba, who is best known for his roles in “The Wire” and Hollywood films such as “Beast,” “Three Thousand Years of Longing,” “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom,” and “The Suicide Squad,” wants to collaborate with aspiring African filmmakers to ensure that the continent’s talent receives the attention it deserves.

“I’ve always been passionate about leveraging my position to make a positive difference. We hope that by collaborating with Mo, we will be able to provide free, world-class industry education to the future generation of storytellers and bring their authentic voices to the forefront.”


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