Destination Ikeja beckons

Though many Covid-19-related restrictions have been lifted, strict protocols are still in place to curtail the novel virus. There seems to be ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ now, and once again, Ikeja is opening its warm hands to travellers from all over the world.

Well, the many tourism and hospitality outfits with great offerings that spring up almost every day within the Lagos State capital city make Ikeja a destination of sorts.

From art galleries, eateries, outdoor restaurants and world-class lounges to five-star hotels, Ikeja has enough offerings to fete visitors.

Of course, where to stay on a visit is as important as your whole experience. Ikeja is a beautiful and busy city, but choosing a hotel in a centrally located vicinity, that has access to major spots for your day to day itinerary and understands your culinary needs, keeps the body and soul going. That underscores why quality service is paramount and a determinant of your choice of accommodation while on a visit.

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As expected, the city also prides itself on world-class offerings as well. For visitors (both for tourism or business purposes), there is one place that assures safety, comfort and success whenever they are in Ikeja.

Well, with Radisson Blu Ikeja, your journey to successful business outing and lifestyle experience in Ikeja begins. The 155-room capacity hotel, which was recently refreshed with a newly launched Royal Suite at the penthouse amid a spectacular view of the famous Isaac John Street, is opening its doors to guests looking to have a luxurious and serene ambience while exploring other fun parts of Ikeja and Lagos.

Apart from the 155 well-appointed rooms, Radisson Blu Ikeja parades some of the best hospitality offerings and facilities in town. From the indulging swimming pool, the invigorating spa and fitness centre, world-class restaurants offering delicacies for all palates, well-stocked bar, relaxing lounges and various meeting rooms for corporate and social gathering needs, the hotel is ready to serve and has been serving guests well above their expectations since opening.

Well, the regularly trained and vibrant staff bring charm that usually disarms guests and enable them to relax, make the hotel their second home, and enjoy every bit of their stay.

There are also guest-oriented activities to complement your visit.

While at Radisson Blu Ikeja, do not forget to visit the weekend buffets at Iyeru Okin, the hotel’s main restaurant, because it is the best time to catch the famous Amala Blu Ikeja and some ice-cream rolls at the amazing restaurant.

Another reason to visit the hotel is that world-class safety standards are in place, aligning with that of the Radisson Hotel Group global and SGS Safety Protocols to achieve a seamless safe service.

While still around Ikeja, there are other restaurants and fun places to visit if you are looking to explore your taste buds while doing your business in this amazing town. Be sure to notice significant changes with the mode of operations and be rest assured that this is done to improve and meet guests’ needs.

Stepping out of the hotel for a walk, you can always soak up the Ikeja vibe and weather. You can visit the Ikeja City Mall, about 5 to 7 minutes drive from the hotel and is stocked with the things you need, from clothing to telephone accessories and cool lounges to catch up with a buddy.

For a true one-on-one experience, you can visit the Computer Village to your bookmark. The busy computer and gadgets market holds stores of technology companies you know and those you have never heard of.

There are other places of interest such as parks, Kalakuta Republic, the seat of government at Alausa, among others.

You can request a directory at the hotel’s concierge if you are not sure where to begin your tour or to simply book a Phoenix Car Hire Service. Do not forget to tag @Radissonblulagosikeja on all social platforms when your destination is Ikeja.

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