• Saturday, July 13, 2024
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SAHCOL records over 35% increase in handled cargo volume in 2014


Skypower Aviation Handling company Limited (SAHCOL) said it has recorded over 35 percent increase in the volume of cargo it handled through its cargo shed in 2014.

Olu Owolabi, managing director of the company, disclosed this while giving an overview of the company’s business activities in the year under review.

He said though, it is yet to quantify it in terms of tonnage, the quality of equipment in its warehouse alone is enough to attract customers to the ground handling company adding that it can now be proud of controlling about 85 percent of handling market in Nigeria.

According to him, the warehouse for instance, is equipped with freezers which provides cooling system to perishable goods, especially for those that are not going to be cleared immediately except ground handling companies from paying duties on imported equipment, just like it has offered such assistance to airlines.

He said the bulk of their money goes into modern facilities adding airlines will not want to patronize a company with sub-standard equipment.

“Government should be supportive when we are buying new equipment to be able to facilitate passengers and airlines needs.

“So, I sincerely belief that since airlines are enjoying zero tariff on aircraft spare parts, the same should be extended to handling companies on the equipment being imported by giving us duty free on spare parts. We have been agitating on this for long.

“The airlines operate, but not as much as we operate for them. After the aircraft must have landed, all the supportive operations either on landing or about to take off are being taken care of by the handling companies.

“I am very positive that government will look into it and out ways to assist us. All the multi-million Naira equipment we invested and pay duties on are stationed at on the tarmac for our operations and cannot be parked on the street, yet we are still being billed by Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN).” 

He also called on government to eliminate multiple taxation in the system adding that the companies should not be subjected to such after paying so much money on duties at the ports.

“It had always been a serious issue which has not been resolved, but I understand that presentation has been made to the new Minister of Aviation, who has passed it to a committee to look into it and make appropriate recommendations.

Sade Williams