• Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Control your flight with superb entertainment at 35,000 ft above sea level


The few hours in the air can actually provide some of the least stressful waking moments of our lives after the hassles of going through airports’ security checks, baggage carriage and others. It’s usually relatively quiet and working is almost impossible, which gives you plenty of time to just sit there and watch some movies.

To survive a long haul flights, you need a wide range of entertainments ranging from watching series of programmes on Tv screens, reading Newspapers and Magazines, listening to news via the earpiece among others.

Airlines have devised means of upgrading their cabins and in-flight services to meet demands of 21st century customers by investing heavily on their products.

Apart from type of aircraft, airlines mostly depend on a mix of in-flight services to create unique products they believe will give them competitive edge.

In-flight service comprises meals, entertainments such as music and films with other related services usually offered to passengers aboard flights.

This is why carriers all over the world spend billions of dollars to constantly upgrade their in-flight products, especially the business and first class (premium) cabins.

Most times, they depend on this to stay above competition, especially as the global recession continues to take its toll on the sector.

The need to retain market share, especially in the emerging market, has become a major focus among top airline executives

Sometimes, the larger and older an airline’s fleet, the more variation in the in-flight system you will see from one trip to another.

Travellers who travel on legacy airlines can sometimes encounter two or three different aircraft, with multiple configurations, on the same route.

Going out you may have a dedicated seat-back system; coming back you may have to peer over the top of the seat in front of you to see the screen; then on your next flight, there may be no screens at all. This makes it much harder for a legacy airline to offer a consistent in-flight entertainment system.

On most international airlines these days, you have access to wider choice of entertainment on a wider screen in order to keep passengers relaxed  and entertained throughout the flight.

On most flights, you have the opportunity to follow the progress of your flight  or take in the view from the aircraft’s external cameras, keep in touch with live business, news and sport headlines from BBC News and others.

For instance, on most Emirates airline flights which got the best In-flight entertainment award for 2103,  you can read up about  Dubai and the Emirates in their newsletters.

In terms of communications, you can call, SMS and email from your seat or call friends and family seated elsewhere on the aircraft apart from the over 1,600 channels of premium entertainment to keep you busy during the flight.

You will also enjoy the latest and best movies, television, audio and games from around the world.

From real-time maps to live cameras to news headlines from the global news channels, information on ice on Emirates keeps you informed in-flight

The “i” in “ice” stands for “information” where the airline brings you everything from BBC text news headlines updated regularly throughout your flight, to real-time.

 You also get to see moving maps and travel information about different destination network, along with impressive live views of the world below from the aircraft-mounted cameras.

This real-time moving map gives you weather reports, estimated arrival time and flight data right from your seatback. You can even enjoy your choice of our music, podcasts or radio programming while tracking your flight.

Right there on your seats, you will catch up on world text news headlines, business and sport coverage, updated throughout your flight via satellite direct from the BBC News website.

Sometimes, the  best views in the plane are from our aircraft-mounted cameras. These live video cameras are on throughout the flight showing you everything from takeoff to landing. Explore the skies ahead with the Forward Camera and the world below from the Downward Camera.

Best of all, a third Tail Camera installed on the Emirates A380 gives you a unique view from the tip of the tail fin.

From Private Suites and Shower Spas, to flat-bed seats and award-winning in-flight entertainment, Emirates offers a unique experience on each of its flights.

And recently, Etihad Airways, which began services between Abu Dhabi and Lagos, said it is proving Nigerian travellers who appreciate the world-class onboard experience in the airline’s Pearl Business and Coral Economy Class cabins, a great experience.

The amenities immediately becomes evident upon boarding the aircraft, as passengers travelling in Pearl Business Class relax in a seat which converts into a fully flat bed, and is positioned in a 1-2-1 configuration to provide all passengers with direct aisle access.

Once seated comfortably, passengers are surrounded by a range of features that include: a state-of-the-art in-flight entertainment system with a 15.4 inch personal screen, large meal and cocktail tables, luxurious leather headrests, armrests and ottomans upholstered by Poltrona Frau, new comforter blankets, ambient lighting with dimmer settings and superb in-seat storage space.

As part of its commitment to raise the service benchmark, the airline also recently unveiled enhancements to its dining service allowing Pearl Business Class passengers to dine when they wish, choosing from extensive ‘à la carte’ or ‘Kitchen Anytime’ menus.

A dedicated Food and Beverage manager is available to assist passengers with their menu selection, which they can enjoy shortly after takeoff, with new menus being introduced every two months to keep things fresh for even the most frequent of travellers. Passengers are also treated to signature breads created by Etihad Airways chefs, a selection of cheeses served on ceramic cheeseboards, latte glassware, and salt and pepper grinders, all served on luxury table mats.

Also newly introduced are the revised meal service options, that provide passengers wishing to maximise their sleep during flight, with early morning ‘à la minute’ and light breakfasts, and evening ‘Express Supper’ and light meals.

The airline’s new Coral Economy Class cabin boasts of a new interior design and one of the best economy class seats in the airline industry. Ergonomically designed for comfort, with a 32” pitch, and deep recline, each seat is equipped with a handheld controller, USB port and power sockets underneath the 10.4” personal entertainment screen.

A new service style has been rolled out in this class, providing passengers with greater levels of personal attention. A large pillow also ensures extra comfort and small touches on the seat, such as coat hooks and cup holders, make the space more individual, and reflect Etihad Airways’ service philosophy.

Dining in Coral Economy Class offers a choice of three main meal options on longer flights, and hot and cold ‘Café’ services with a wide range of hot beverages from cappuccino to green tea on most flights.

All Etihad Airways aircraft are fitted with on-demand entertainment systems, available in a wide choice of languages, providing over 600 hours of movies, TV shows, music and interactive games, including a dedicated interface and programs for children.

Etihad Airways is implementing full mobile connectivity across its fleet of aircraft, enabling passengers to use their mobile phones, smart phones and tablets to send and receive calls, messages and emails and access Wi-Fi Internet.

They can also recharge their laptops, iPods or mobile phones and connect personal devices to the entertainment system.  The airline says full onboard connectivity will be rolled out and completed across the whole fleet by mid-2014.

On Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy,  you can sit back and take your pick from our must-see movies, shows, music and games.

Your meal is served on china with stainless steel cutlery and a linen tablecloth, plus there’s a choice of wine and an after dinner liqueur to finish things off.

The Premium Economy main meal experience has been upgraded, making it feel much more ‘restaurant’ than ‘airline’.

The chinaware has a stylish new look, and as well as stainless steel cutlery, main meals are now served on linen, with a linen napkin.

As a Premium Economy passenger, you can choose from our selection of three delicious main courses – and decide whether you’d prefer a red or white wine to accompany your meal. There’s also an after-dinner liqueur waiting alongside your coffee.

You also can watch films content from pre take-off right up until you step off the plane. This could amount to an additional 2 hours of great entertainment every flight.  (Video on demand only,  available on all A330, A340-600 and 747 aircraft).

There are  laugh-out-loud comedies, gritty dramas, pioneering nature programmes and documentaries for you to enjoy. Your kids too will be glad to know the Disney Channel awaits as there a varied mix of the best TV programmes on board.