• Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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What’s the value of your idea?


came across this story while perusing through a book some years ago. A chief executive had a staff who earned millions of dollars of monthly wage. This staff came to work when he loved; he was a bit flamboyant in his lifestyle causing a stir amongst other staffs who raised highbrows when they observed his high wage and less or no work as compared to their rigorous work on and off the office. The other staff came together to plot his removal. The chief executive received the report, smiled and told his staff, “You are here because of that man’s ideas. His ideas are worth billions to this company.”

The secret of some of the biggest companies are the ideas of one or few persons. Big chip companies understand the value of human capital. They understand how much value each staff is especially those with the ability to tinker. These companies welcome credible tinkering that can bring about positive development and growth. The staff that discovers his tinkering ability is on the up side of the company.

Ideas build society. People create and make because of ideas. Great inventions started out as some pulse of inspiration that popped in sudden rush. Eureka!!Like Newton’s shout in his discovery of the idea behind gravity, we muse or shout in joy when we suddenly discover this solution that we have so long hoped to get to solve a need. The sudden joy that elopes could cast us into an ecstatic air and if it is a blue chip idea, the money that could be coming through could be mind-blowing.

The quality of an idea is its ability to supply solution to a need in the most efficient way. You may have an idea but it is invaluable if it does not meet the need you want it to meet. When man desired to fly, ideas poked from all corners. Designers and inventors created all sort of flying balloons and flying gliders. They were huge ideas but they were encumbered by the giant limitations they could not fight against; air direction, density and speed. The world waited for that idea, the big one that would solve all these need. There it came, the Wilbur brothers had the startling idea.

Ideas have time value. An idea is top notch if it comes just in time when it is needed most. What this means is that an idea could be considered archaic and not useful for present system of things. The time efficacy of an idea is what gives a company advantage over other companies providing the same service.

When apple considered releasing its iPhone, bookmakers thought a phone without pads was inconceivable. But the idea alone was enough to make phone tasty consumers bask in anticipation. The cost of the iPhone was skyrocketing and the only answer to apple’s monopoly was a response by Samsung whose design and operating system Google’s android was good response and a cheaper option. The guys at Tecno knew if they had to be relevant and create a name for their efforts, they have to provide a popular option and they hit the right idea providing android phones with high value capacity at cheaper cost. The strength of an idea is the result it gets at the end of its application. Once the inspiration for an idea arrives, it requires the right application to see it produce the intended result.

Our state of development is the quality of ideas transformed into reality. The more creative our ideas, the more creative our inventions and the result is increased performance and higher development status. If our leaders are creative about their ideas and creative tinkers advise them, they would churn out exceptional leadership.

Everyone has the exceptional gift of creating ideas. It’s in everyone but the debars is our ability to value our idea in respect to the ideas of others. The weakness is that you allow higher credence to others who seize on it and improve on their idea making capability. You have to trigger your ability to create ideas and develop them.

Your ideas may not be relevant but it has value. It creates options. You may fail to get that top-notch idea today but if you try, some day you will.

Don’t sit back and watch when your idea could be the rallying point. Let your idea poke out and see it propel the kind of transformation you will love to see. Your ideas got value.