• Thursday, May 30, 2024
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The believe factor


The beauty of life is her ability to change circumstance when she deems fit. Life isn’t always that uhuru we anticipate coming into her would present. Some persons come into her holding golden spoons, some silver spoons, some bronze spoons, others aluminum spoons and some others still, plastic spoons. Whatever spoon variant you stepped into life with, you can replace it.

There is so much in life that offers joy but this much eludes most people who aren’t privilege to connect to this joy bank. It is grueling challenging life from the position of an underdog. It often takes striving and a battle to challenge and win.

Life’s situations have no permanent seats. They are unseated when the right challenger hits top gear. Damning situations can upturn and great moments can become checkered. Persons striving to make meaning of their lives can get it right if they really want. It just takes triggering the believe factor.

If you are struggling in pursuance of the better life, you aren’t far from it. The better life might have eluded a great number of persons but if you believe, you can get it. Our “believe” is the trigger upon which our bullets are shot towards the prime target, the better life. It is a continuous persistent push with an uncommon assurance that soonest what you want will get straight into your hands.

Our ability to believe comes from our well of complete dedication to the pursuance of the better future that we so much desire. It provides the platform upon which actions towards actualization of our goals and dreams manifest.

Our object of believe arrives from our minds camera. The mind creates graphic details absorbing images of what it considers as the better life from our environment, storing those images and processing them into pictures as the goal to pursue. The clearness of the picture increases the chance one will get at it. You won’t want to have a picture that’s not clear.

Opportunities in life may vary but everyone does have a right to the best of them. What holds most persons back from pushing for what they really want however clear the picture is the artificial barriers that are placed by society and self. People think they have a chance to attain a task but they never push for the attainment of that task because they accept the hypothetical debars placed around them. Nevertheless,once you believe, no bars can stand.

The future attainment of our present picture only results from an absolute confidence in the possibility of the picture meeting reality. The picture may seem gigantic, enormous, and even weird but they are possibilities. With certainty, pictures are created from scenes that already exist. What you’ve pictured already exist in this sphere, there is no impossibility clause on it.Your own picture only seems unique because it consists of a conjunction of various images only you have seen.

You can attain any height. Take the Obama success story for example. Believe rose far ahead of societal or racial barriers. Attaining presidency seemed an impossible feat for blacks and colored of America but it wasn’t for Obama. His believe came from the fact that others had become president before him and he was only merely repeating what George Bush had done. Had Obama accepted the reality of his minority clause and stooped low in fear, he wouldn’t have attained the feat which was the privy of every American as written in the American constitution.

The things you need to make your life the kind you always desired may not be available now but it has a place in the nearest future which your believe can help you drive to. Believe you will get that house, car, family, wife, husband, child, degree, certificate etc. Don’t stop believing till you get it.

When we believe with certainty about the future, life always has a way of playing out herself in the direction of our belief. The scenes play one by one and you’d discover yourself as the lead actor in what had once only been a mere dream.

Don’t stop now, Just believe. What you want is right there closer than you think.