The Arab quest for Lebensraum in Africa and the challenge to Pan Africanism (4)

Onwuchekwa Jemie

The Janjaweed Campaign of Genocide:
A decade after the Dinka massacre in al-Di’ein, the scenario of ethnic manipulation by the state expanded to cover the whole of Dar Fur and most of Kordufan, . . . [and] the era of terror of the infamous Janjawid had been launched. . . . “DarFur has been the victim of the involvement of the neighbouring Arab states in the civil war in Chad that flared up in the 1970s. Libya, an extreme advocate of Pan-Arabism with highly volatile policies, intervened in Chad with the sole aim of helping the Arab nomad tribes with money, logistics and arms. . . .
“The government of Khartoum has not only backed the nomadic Arab tribes, but has also armed them and fought by land and air along with them. All through the decade of 1982-1992 skirmishes and limited killings were commonplace in Dar Fur. The Khartoum government dubbed them ‘armed robbery’. In 1995 the massacres were launched first against the Masalit tribe of the state of West Dar Fur. The governor himself was a Masalit Muslim Brother who was given orders from Khartoum to let his sedentary people host a heavily armed clan of pastoralist Baggara who were driven out of Chad to be welcomed by the Khartoum government simply out of bias for the Arabs. . . . The Masalit welcomed the Baggara. Under the official eyes of the State government which was headed by their own son thousands of the Mas?l?t were butchered in mid-1995. . . .”
Through these “gruesome atrocities . . . which are being overtly committed by State-backed Arab tribes”, the nomadic Arab tribes of Dar Fur have been committing genocide and ethnic cleansing against the African sedentary tribes. As both the culprit and the victim are Muslims, the Afro-Arab race war nature of the genocide becomes very clear. As Jalaal Haashim points out, the conflicts in Sudan are “a racist war camouflaged with religion.”

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But how exactly do these Arab marauders carry out ethnic cleansing? The next excerpt, from “Singing while their men rape”, THE GUARDIAN, NAIROBI Wednesday, Jul 21, 2004, Page 6, tells of an ongoing example of organized raping and killing and enslavement carried out by the Janjawid in Dar Fur.
According to an Amnesty International report published in 2004, “While African women in Darfur were being raped by the Janjaweed militiamen, Arab women stood nearby and sang for joy . . .The songs of the Hakama, or the “Janjaweed women” as the refugees call them, encouraged the atrocities which the militiamen committed. . . .
“During an attack on the village of Disa in June last year, Arab women accompanied the attackers and sang in praise of the government and scorning black villagers. According to an African chief quoted in the report, the singers said: ‘The blood of the blacks runs like water, we take their goods and we chase them from our area and our cattle will be in their land. . . . The power of (Sudanese president Omer Hassan) al-Bashir belongs to the Arabs and we will kill you until the end, you blacks, we have killed your God.’
“The chief said that the Arab women also racially insulted women from the village, saying: ‘You are gorillas, you are black and you are badly dressed.’
“The Janjaweed have abducted women for use as sex slaves, in some cases breaking their limbs to prevent them escaping, as well as carrying out rapes in their home villages, the report said. The militiamen ‘are happy when they rape. They sing when they rape and they tell that we are just slaves and that they can do with us how they wish,’ a 37-year-old victim, identified as A, is quoted as saying in the report, which was based on over 100 statements from women in the refugee camps in neighboring Chad. . . .The UN estimates that up to 30,000 people have been killed in Darfur, and over a million have been forced to flee their homes.”
Another human rights organization, Human Rights Watch . . . said it had obtained from the civilian administration in Darfur government documents dated February and March this year [2004, which] call for “provisions and ammunition” to be delivered to known Janjaweed militia leaders, camps and “loyalist tribes.” One document orders all security units in the area to tolerate the activities of Musa Hilal, the alleged Janjaweed leader in north Darfur. . . . Peter Takirambudde, executive director of Human Rights Watch’s Africa division, said: “These documents show that militia activity has not just been condoned, it’s been specifically supported by Sudan government officials.”
[“Singing while their men rape”, THE GUARDIAN, NAIROBI,
Wednesday, July 21, 2004, page 6. ]

The following excerpt from “Pan-Africa or African Union?” by Bankie Forster Bankie, shows how the ethnic cleansing of Africans in Mauritania was being done in 1989-1990, without opposition from the OAU or its African member governments:
“In Mauritania on 24-25 April 1989, according to the report issued by Africa Confidential, elements of the government-supported Structures de L’Education des Masses (SEM) massacred more than 1000 Senegalese, black Mauritanian, Guineans, Ghanaians and Ivorians, without reaction from the OAU. [my emphasis] The United States Congressional Record, Extension of Remarks of 9 July 1991 (E2465) condemned,
1) the forcible expulsion in 1989 and 1990 of up to 80,000 black Mauritanians into Senegal and 10,000 into Mali, where most continue to reside in refugee camps;
2) the burning and destruction of entire villages and the confiscation of livestock, land and belongings of black Mauritanians by the security forces in 1989 and 1990 in an effort to encourage their flight out of the country; . . .
5) an aggressive policy of ‘Arabisation’ designed to eradicate the history and culture of black ethnic groups; and
6) the use of state authority to expropriate land from black communities along the Senegal River Valley through violent tactics. ” [Bankie & Mchombu 2006: 215-216]
These excerpts show how, during the watch of continentalist Pan-Africanism, with its Arab-dominated OAU/AU, Arabs have resumed their territorial expansion into Black Africa. We have the example of how the Janjawid Arab tribes are presently ethnic- cleansing their African neighbors without resistance from so-called Black African governments. We have the horrific example of the massacre of 6000 Dinka refugees by Baggara Arabs in al-Di’ein village in 1987. We have the example of the Mauritanian Arab government’s dispossession and expulsion of black Mauritanians, in 1989-90, with the complicity, by silence and inaction, of Black African governments.
These are the types of things we Africans have allowed Arabs to do to us for the last 15 centuries, from the Sinai Peninsula to the Senegal River, and from Cairo to Juba. And that’s what they will gladly do to us from Dakar to Asmara and down to Cape Town, if we do not stop them NOW!
Defeating Hitler’s armies cost Russia untold hardship, and 1 in 22 Russians (approximately five percent of the entire Russian population) died in battle. But had they not paid that heavy price, Russia would have lost all its territory and population like the Native Americans did in the USA.
Are Africans ready to drive Gadhafi’s Arab hordes away at any price? That is the challenge thrown by Arab expansionism at Pan Africanism in the 21st century. And each and every African needs to answer that question.
If you think that because you live in Accra or Lagos or Kinshasa or Cape Town, far from the borderlands of today, or that because you are a Muslim, or are married to an Arab, the menace should not concern you, then you are living in a fool’s paradise. The Janjaweed massacre of the black-skinned Muslims of Darfur, under the directions of the Arabist-colorarchist system of Jellaba-Arab minority rule in Sudan, should cure you of your delusions.
This is the moment of truth for every African, and especially for every Pan Africanist anywhere on earth. In particular, if you are a diaspora African wanting to repatriate to Africa, shouldn’t you see to it that Africa is safe from Arab hegemony and its murderous marauders? If you do nothing to stop the Janjaweed today, it will some day be your turn and you might find yourself lamenting and saying:
The Arabs came for the South Sudanese, and I did nothing to stop them because I wasn’t a South Sudanese;
And then the Arabs came for the black Mauritanians, and I did nothing to stop them because I wasn’t a black Mauritanian;
Then the Arabs came for the blacks in Darfur, and I did nothing to stop them because I wasn’t a black in Darfur;
And then the Arabs came for my black ass in Cape Town, and by that time there were no blacks left to stop them killing or enslaving me.
For 50 years continentalist Pan-Africanism has been in denial of the race war character of the Afro-Arab wars in Sudan, of the ethnic cleansings in Mauritania, and of Libya’s destabilizations in Chad, Sudan, Uganda, CAR, Liberia, etc. Continentalist Pan- Africanism resolutely played the ostrich as Africans were attacked, massacred, driven off their lands and enslaved by Arabs.
Now is the time for all that to change.

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