• Thursday, May 23, 2024
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PMAN imbroglio: Way forward

Nigeria’s music industry


Every organisation needs love, unity, hardwork and patriotism to enable it concretise its structural matrix. It is also fundamental that organisations consolidate their growth and development strides through effective administrative networking. Was the lack of these organisational principles the cause of PMAN’s many years of arrested development?
The Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN) is the mouthpiece of Nigeria’s musicians. It is the constitutional body charged with promoting music as a format for the socio-cultural renaissance of Nigeria.
In the days of yore when Nigeria’s greats like Bobby Benson, Victor Olaiya, Zeal Onya, Chris Ajilo, among others, were still carrying the banner of Nigeria’s music, we did not experience any squabble. This was because they had a sense of direction, focus, professionalism and maturity which fuelled their sense of pride and complimented their calling.
After the tenure of King Sunny Ade, all hell was let loose on PMAN. It has been one fight with or against Okoroji, Charlie Boy, Tee-Mac, Dele Abiodun, etc. Some of the state chapters are not left out. In Delta State (Warri), it has been one fight between Julius Obelikpeyah and his group vs Tony Grey and his group etc. PMAN has become the laughing stock of Nigerians as jurisprudential canons cannot even forestall their quest for power, money and personal aggrandizement.

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A court of competent jurisdiction, after over 40 months of litigation, declared Admiral Dele Abiodun the duly elected PMAN president. But after the judgment, things changed for the worse when members of Tee-Mac’s faction and Dele Abiodun’s group staged a brawl at the secretariat, over who should be in charge. Many people were injured and property vandalised during the show of shame.
When will this war come to an end? Will PMAN rise again? Will the association not take music in Nigeria 40 years behind time? What is the way forward and what are the strategic initiatives which PMAN must adopt to enable it move forward.
A court of competent jurisdiction has declared Dele Abiodun the bona fide and duly elected president of PMAN after over 40 months of litigation. Recognition of this legal position in the interest of peace and the music industry in Nigeria is necessary. Tee-Mac and his group should bury the hatchet and let peace reign. In a short while, Dele Abiodun will be through, then the latter can take a shot at the Presidency.