• Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Mindshift Advocacy reinstates commitment to recreate Nigerian narrative

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Mindshift Advocacy for Development Initiative, a movement established to persuade Nigerians and indeed Africans to foster a new mindset to engender rapid development, has restated its commitment to stay the cause. The Advocacy Group, presented to the public recently by the promoters, unveiled a new blueprint to get Nigerians to think differently, believe differently and act differently, so as to generate a mindset geared towards development.

Joko Okupe, founder and board of trustee member, said, “The bane of Nigeria and by extension Africa’s problems is the mindset of Africans as individuals, communities, and nations, about themselves and the mindset of the rest of the world about Africa. The wrong mindset of Nigerians and Africans in general which influences the way we do things, has created problems such as lack of visionary and purposeful leadership, bad governance standards, erosion and loss of good value systems, corruption, poor understanding of global issues and how it impacts their lives; unprecedented never-ending poverty, heavy debt burdens, over-dependence on international aids, endless conflicts, inadequate education etc.”

According to Okupe, the Initiative was incorporated on November 28, 2016, as a non-partisan, non-governmental organization aimed at re-directing citizens’ mindsets from negative mindsets in private lives, societies and nations to positive mindsets that foster meaningful holistic personal, social and national development. The initiative also seeks to activate a radical and positive change in the mindset of the Nigerian youth – and by extension, African youth.

The Mindshift Advocacy is actually focused on shifting mindsets from negative to positive.

“The movement is focused on redirecting the mindset of Nigerians from negative, unproductive and unprogressive mindsets to positive, productive and progressive mindsets.”

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He stressed that every effort geared at re-orientating the citizens with a view to making them develop positive and progressive mindsets as individuals, society and at national levels, would put us on the road to meaningful and effective transformation of the continent for sustainable growth and development.

This is why: “The changes we wish to make have more to do with how we think than what we actually do, because thinking patterns ultimately influence actions. We need to get our citizens to embrace positive mindsets that can impact thought and action for our progress and development. We must also lead by example by thinking and acting differently.”

He cited Paul Kagame, the President of Rwanda, who once said that Africa’s transformational change will first happen at the level of mindsets before it is translated into concrete actions.

Okupe firmly believes that Africa’s journey of transformation starts with changing how people think. “It is vital for citizens of all ages and social classes to have the right mindset because they are the ones who would be actively involved in the day-to-day actions that bring about sustainable transformation.”