• Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Imo 2015: Still the same people


Ihave always asked myself questions and most times, the echo from same rebound inside my inner walls making it difficult running away. The same way I have seen madness played out often even with little choices on our part to either reject or accept going by the configurations on ground.

Yes! I may not have forgotten my voyage especially at this time I am pushed but, exploration sometimes leads to new grounds and good returns. Now, I am back to the bit as inner voice prompts that the men who caused if indeed there are challenges in Imo State are back as 2015 inches closer.

Obviously, Imo State is a peculiar State having recorded great heights in human development including having the record of a State with the highest number of Academic Professors though with most of her manpower operating outside the State. It is equally of interest to discerning minds that with such manpower forming Diaspora pool would deprive her Change agents needed in redirecting the State. More so, Imo state can be dubbed a state where  billionaires with little records of investments in the State cluster every four (4) years ready to outwit the other in money -politics that presently we can see flashes of coming baarzar for the Political egg- heads and anointed Party delegates. In a recent discussion, I heard from a grassroot Politician that some Party men in his Political ward came after him over his likely emergence as delegate that I laughed wondering what there is in delegate but the folks playing the tambourine can best state what the rhythms are like.

The Naira- Power Politics which kicked off in 2007 especially among the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) aspirants may have crept into other Political Parties as well. Presently the PDP parades numerous candidates who in their consultations to various local government Areas and Party leaders has kept fate with naira- power system as it is a fight of the strongest financial base. In one of the PDP Stakeholders meeting, a notable Chieftain of the Party never betrayed his heart as he announced that any would be candidate dreaming of flying the Party’s flag must place his financial base on the table. It is possible that such financial armoury may be all there is to governing a State with greater potential but can be described as being on her kneels. The same story goes on in other Parties like All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) where some assumed front liners continue to tickle us with alleged debt profile of a Particular candidate which is suggestive of either not having the financial power to prosecute elections in a supposed State where naira-power  reigns. More so, the All Progressives Congress (APC) parading the incumbent governor who looks more like a sole candidate having doled vehicles to some of his Party Executives with explanations on the source of funding for the vehicles, and it continues to other Parties where certain individuals have completely taken over total funding which from all indications may have shut the door to any would be aspirant.

Interestingly, a closer look at these aspirants showed the same persons who as Actors/Actresses never die. It is either they have been in Executive or Legislative positions or hob-knobbing with the Actors as Political Contractors and god-fathers. Sometimes, I am at a loss on how some of these Political Actors have taken it upon themselves to be pushing these monies each time the whistle goes on, and none seems to ask some self discovery questions on the likely Return on Investments if these funds pushed down the drain these years were channeled to productive businesses. It is equally possible that a well crafted investment of these monies would have built certain homes, healing the sick and feeding hungry souls among those working with them. I am further amazed at how some Office holders push monies into the System making one  wonder the source  especially with little knowledge of previous businesses or services to have amassed same but, ours seem to be a country where the assumed corrupt are guarded by Security men while the rest scamper for safety.

Often times, I heard some persons complain over the level of development presently in the State with another group who may be benefitting beating their chest to counter the attackers of Governor Rochas Okorocha’s policies. Though, this is expected in a democracy with ruling Party and Oppositions on different sides. My worry is mainly on the thinking that we can be doing the same thing all over while holding our lamps thinking of its ability to replenish oil stock. Yes! I must state that the present Political arrangement continues to shut out knowledge driven Candidates but recycles men and women who if we believe that there is rot or stunted growth were instrumental to same.

Indeed, we must reject the tired legs that have kept us down, take a quick dash with the Accidental Public Servants, apologies to Mallam El Ruffai, whose brain power towers having driven changes in their individual spheres or career. In Anambra State, Governor Peter Obi emerged from Accidental group and graciously handed over to same, Governor Obiano, and also in Lagos State, Governor Fashola came from same stock and I hope the likes of Mr Akinwumi Ambode or  Jimi Agbaje emerges to consolidate.

Haba! Why can’t we rise for once in Imo State to usher in any of the Accidentals who may likely be shut out by Party intrigues because a pact can never exist between darkness and Light.