• Monday, May 20, 2024
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Image redemption opportunity (II)


Seye Adetunmbi

The responsibility of a Senator for instance is beyond his/her home town! Let’s even assume a community does not want a candidate, if other parts of the Senatorial district vote him/her in, the loser-community is on its own! It is as simple as ABC and this is the argument and issue at stake! At any rate, let the will of the people or the electorate prevail through a transparent electoral system and not that of a dubious cabal by allocating votes at gun-point! This is why it is found amusing when some people say you only rig where you are popular! One thing that is common knowledge is the fact that, when an armed robber enters your house, until the operation is over, they are not only popular, they are in charge no matter how long or short-lived their operations and occupation is over! It doesn’t make sense confronting any possessed bunch holding lethal weapon in such circumstance!
Albeit, a truly popular candidate or political party needs not to ‘gbebo’ (raid polling booths) before voting is over or embark on marathon thumb printing! All that is needed when you are sure that your political wish is popular is to get law enforcement agencies and party agents at their disposal to be on guard and ensure a free and fair voting session! Anything short of this produces a usurper who will suffer legitimacy problem and lack basic respect of the electorate. This in turn leads to a lingering unstable polity and often puts good governance and progress of the community or state in jeopardy!

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On a concluding note, my charge to the PDP government ‘in power’ is to use this senatorial election to earn the respect of the people such that one can feel proud to call the Governor ‘His Excellency’ and address whoever emerges appropriately, the honorable Senator! Thank God there are no outstanding votes in favor of any candidate that can make anyone too desperate! We don’t need (fraudulent allocation aof all votes in the voters’ register)! If only 1000 people come out to vote in my community for instance and 60 per cent decide to vote PDP or AC so be it! Thus, let’s make it one-man, one vote and rest this matter once and for all.