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2015 presidential election issues (3)

Nigerians canvass change in voting pattern in 2023

You need to find out who cooked up and imposed this constitution and why. Now, this 1999 Constitution is the mature version of the 1979 constitution. Its 1979 prototype was cooked up by two Caliphate agents, the now late Chief Rotimi Williams, a.k.a “Timi the Law,” and Prof Ben Nwabueze.

The mature version of 1999 was finalized and polished up by a Caliphate man, Prof Yadudu, and imposed by Decree by another Caliphate agent, Gen. Abdusalami Abubakar . Why was it cooked up with so many frauds and other devices that serve the Caliphate?  The Caliphate hates democracy, hates free and fair elections, that’s why. It only likes elections that it rigs in advance, so it is sure to win and hang on to power.

That was why Sultan Dasuki organized the annulment of the June 12 election–the most free and fair election in Nigeria’s history.  And after aborting democracy in 1993, the Caliphate cooked up this fraudulent Constitution so it can avoid any real democracy in the future. It is very cleverly fixed up so the Caliphate can use it to dominate and loot Nigeria forever.

Like most Nigerians, you probably think that IBB annulled the June 12 election. He didn’t, Sultan Dasuki did. MKO Abiola, the winner of June 12 and IBB, the organizer of that impressive transition program, were both victims of June 12. One of the Caliphate agents who helped to get the annulment accomplished was the then General David Mark who is now Senator David Mark, the Senate president.  He was the one who threatened and said “ I’d shoot Chief Abiola the day NEC pronounces him the elected President.”  Go and ask him. If he denies it, call in Prof Omo Omoruyi and IBB to expose him.

The Caliphate’s idea of democracy was summed up by Aminu Saleh, a Secretary to the Government of the Federation, SGF, under Abacha, who told Prof Omoruyi: “Professor, my vote is not the same weight as the vote of the Emir of Bauchi and the vote of the Emir of Bauchi is not the same weight as the vote of the Sultan of Sokoto” He then said “that is why we are not going to accept the mandate which Chief Abiola is claiming”. . . . Abiola’s mandate was, of course, based on the principle of one-person-one vote which the Caliphate hates like the devil hates holy water.

If you want to be educated on the Caliphate’s incurable hatred for democracy, the book to read is Prof Omo Omruyi’s The Tale of June 12. I am bringing up all that just to indicate how much the Caliphate hates democracy and hates free and fair elections, and to give you the reason why they cooked up this fraudulent anti-democracy constitution. And when you gather to draft a True Federalism Constitution, make sure that the likes of “Timi the Law”, Prof Nwabueze and Prof Yadudu are far from the hall, lest they pollute the Peoples ‘ True Federalism Constitution with clever anti-the-People frauds.

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5] Candidate Buhari:

On Candidate Buhari, I submit that he has neither the will nor the ability to discard the Constitution but has every reason to perpetuate it. Accordingly he can’t solve any of the problems whose solution requires discarding the Constitution. So, those who expect him to change Nigeria by solving these problems are taking themselves for a ride. Why?

We shall consider two questions about Candidate Buhari:  His posturing as a born-again democrat, and his ability to fight Boko Haram.

After he lost the 2011 election, Buhari told the world that should he be declared the loser in 2015, monkey and baboon will be soaked in blood. That is to say, if the voters do not elect him he will unleash violence on them. Now is that a democrat’s position?  Consider an election where the voters go to the polls with one of the candidates holding a gun to their heads and saying “vote for me or you are dead”. Would such an election be free and fair? The wonder is that INEC went ahead to approve a candidate who has publicly threatened massive violence if he is not declared elected. 

The second wonder is that the International Community has passed over Buhari’s threat without taking any action. What has Jimmy Carter and his Carter Center said or done about this threat to a free and fair election?   Why is Buhari not in the dock in De Hague facing trial for making threats of post- election violence?  If Gbagbo was taken to De Hague, and Uhuru Kenyatta too, why not Buhari? Is the International Community not interested in preventive action? Is it waiting for people to be slaughtered before feeling obliged to do something? Given his tyrannical actions when he was military Head of State in the 1980s, and now his threat of post-election violence, Buhari can’t be the democrat he is pretending to be. Anybody who is inclined to accept Buhari’s posturing should be reminded of the Chinese saying: Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice shame on me.

Buhari and Boko Haram

Candidate Buhari is creating the impression that he will fight, and knows how to fight, Boko Haram. But will Buhari really fight Boko Haram?

I think not. Because, (a) Buhari is the Boko Haram candidate ; (b1) Buhari’s agenda and Boko Haram’s are the same—Islamizing all of Nigeria; and (b2) their attitude to the Sultan and emirs is the same. And (c) Boko Haram and Buhari are sponsored by the same Northern politicians.

·       Boko Haram is supporting its candidate Buhari by escalating its attacks in the run up to the elections, so as to demonstrate that the Jonathan administration hasn’t succeeding in ending the Boko Haram insurgency, and implying that Buhari, therefore, should get a chance to become President and try. They are trying to shape opinion in favor of their preferred candidate for President.

(b1) They both want Shari’a in all the states in Nigeria. Buhari said so back in 2001.

Buhari calls for Sharia in all states http://allafrica.com/stories/200108270355.html ; and

Boko Haram said the same in 2011: Boko Haram to FG “Total Shari’a in Nigeria or no Peace”…Says Qur’an is Above Nigerian Constitution written by Alaba Johnson (Reporter for NaijaPundit) on 03 October 2011.

http://www.naijapundit.com/news/boko-haram-to-fg-total-shari-a-in-nigeria-or-no-peace  (Accessed October 2012)

(b2) Buhari and Boko Haram have the same view of the Sultan and the emirs. In his October 2011 email, Boko Haram’s Abu Qaqa declared “our position is that the Sultan is just a traditional ruler who revolted against the teachings of his ancestors and put the Nigerian Constitution ahead of the teachings of the Holy Qur’an and the traditions of the Prophet.”      

NaijaPundit had earlier published a leaked wikileaks cable in which the Buhari team had told American Embassy officials that they had no confidence in the Northern Traditional rulers in general while naming the Sultan of Sokoto and the emir of Kano specifically as people who had tried to corrupt the judiciary.

(c) Buhari is the candidate of the sponsors of Boko Haram.