XtraLarge Farms’ Agritech City: The real deal

“Modern, technologically-driven agriculture is our future. We do not need to import any food item that we can produce locally here in Nigeria. My son is studying agriculture because I have enlightened him on the vast potentialities. Our children and youths should be attracted to agriculture. That is why all the equipment to be sued as tractors, planters and harvesters are fully air-conditioned. One modern agric equipment can do the work of 500 farmers.”

-Farmer Seyi Davids (CEO, XTRALARGE FARMS)

They saw it coming, while others thought of impossibilities. They saw the larger picture, crystal clear, with their fecund imagination the possibility of a high-tech driven AgriTech City, becoming the first-of-its-kind in Africa that offers cutting edge technology and innovations in agriculture- yes, modern agriculture! With the will to win and the determination to succeed against all odds they were able, not only to conceive the uncommon idea of a modern city that provides hospitality, luxury, nature’s alluring beauty and comfort, all encompassed into agriculture but to breathe life into it.

So, who says that you cannot get actively engaged in agriculturalpractices conducted under a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere? Certainly, not this rare breed of a unique couple, who are well-heeled, futuristic entrepreneurs. One is talking of course, about the brilliant brains behind the increasingly popular XtraLarge Farms-the couple called Farmer SeyiDavids and the ever resourceful and dependable wife, Farmer Moji Davids.

When all these salient facts first came into the public sphere at the launch of the AgriTech City together with the Xtra Token digital currency-the first of its kind in the world- at Sheraton Hotels and Towers, Ikeja, Lagos in June 2019, many excited farmers, including yours truly waited with baited breath. But precisely on Saturday 11th June, 2022 the dream became a reality! So, what is AgriTech City all about?

The city offers cutting edge technology and innovations in agriculture. It provides hospitality, luxury, nature’s alluring beauty and comfort all encompassed into agriculture. The belief is that anyone can partake in agriculture in a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere.

In AgriTech City, one can buy or rent a country home which offers a quiet and serene environment different from the busy and noisy urban environment. Any interested fun-seeker can bring his family to your country home on vacation or rent out your home to individuals or corporate organizations.

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To get started in AgriTech City, you must have an Xtratoken. It is a digital currency that makes you part of the city and gives you access to enjoy all the amazing features therein. In specific terms the currency pays for entry into the AgriTech City, pays for farming, farm produce, accommodation, shopping, tuition for the schools, for travels and all manner of leisure activities within it.

Some of the features include: Cutting Edge Innovations in Agric Technology. It provides new and easy ways of agriculture through the use of latest agricultural technological tools and machines.

AgriTech City also serves as a tourist attraction to various individuals and corporate organizations all over the world. Also available are both an online and offline shopping malls. One can therefore, shop for various types of food and agricultural produce in the AgriTech City using your XtraToken.

Besides all these there is adequate training quality in various parts of agriculture that will make one stand out from the rest. And to bolster one’s relevance and success in the field of agriculture, AgriTech City provides financial empowerment opportunities through the referral and uni-level based compensation plans. So, what is XtraToken all about?

Interestingly, XtraToken is powered by Industry Standard Security Protocols and Encryption Systems. One can be rest assured your account is safe and secured at any time. Unlike some other digital currencies the value of XtraToken remains constant at all times. It does not fluctuate irrespective of market setbacks. At the launch of the city during the ceremony at Ikeja in 2019, XtraToken was billed to officially become valid for transactions as from June 2021. With time the investors will benefit and get V.I.P treatment. It should however, be noted that it is not in any way a form of shares or debentures. It is not any form of securities either.

Another impact making feature of the AgriTech City is the production of organic foods. In the words of Framer Seyi, the Chief Executive Officer: “We all need to eat organic food. We ensure that all the food items we produce are organic in nature as there are no chemical preservatives. Spraying fruits with zinc to prolong their shelf life is really dangerous to our kidneys. Here, our white carrots cure cancer. You can google it. If you invest in maize you stand to make huge profits because it is being used as part of seasoning.”

In addition, he has this to say to Nigerians. ”Every part of Nigeria is money. Our gutters are filled with money. Recycling is the way forward. We cannot run away from the future. And above all, we must learn to leave a legacy for our children.”

The lasting lessons for every one of us to learn from the Davids are profound. It is that of being creative; the ability to think outside the box and being a solution-provider to the prevailing problems instead of wallowing in complaints and stagnancy. It is that of resilience and focus and to keep going ahead, mustering the courage to scale over the hurdles instead of being confounded by their heights. But that is not all.

Farmers Seyi and Moji Davids have shown the world that here in Nigeria there are those ingenious enough to dig deeper into our vast, God-given resources to maximize their benefits of mankind, instead of being lured away to the so called greener pastures abroad. They have not only internalised the lessons both gleaned from outside our shores but have been expanding the horizon by sharing their immense benefits with fellow citizens.

Well aware that they cannot do it all alone, they have exhibited the wisdom to partner with knowledgeable people in virtually every field of human endeavour. They have also shown the unfailing principles to start small and keep growing bigger.

Interestingly, what began with vegetable farming and the invitation of interested farmers to actively partake in the program tagged: ‘Recession Exemption’ back in 2016 with the promise of 100 per cent profit has since expanded into several other business ventures. These include Xtralarge all-organic Foods(Wondermeal, fish, vegetable oil, plantains and carrots).Others include Centre for Practical Agricultural Training, Homes and Property and the newly XtralargeMicroFinance Bank.

So, what began in 2016 with some 17 members has since expanded into thousands of membership across the country and beyond and still counting. We also should also learn the self- satisfaction derivable from being the torch of integrity.Xtralarge Farms deliver on all their promises even during the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

The Davids certainly deserve national honours for redefining the paradigm and concept of farming;for empowering thousands of citizens by giving them not only food security but knowledge enhancement and economic prosperity.

My big kudos goesto them and all the members of the fast-growing Xtralarge Family for matching words with action through the AgriTech City.

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