Inclusive digital innovation required to drive agricultural productivity – FAO

Accelerating innovations in agriculture, more so in a way that can improve the lives of hundreds of millions of people who produce the bulk of the world’s food on family farms, is a goal that has to be achieved soonest, José Graziano da Silva, FAO Director-General, has said.

“FAO is working with digital innovations, providing new inputs for farmers in rural areas. We need good governance and the right policies to support that,” he told agriculture ministers from more than 70 countries and officials from organizations including the World Bank, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and the African Development Bank, gathered for a high-level meeting in Berlin.

Assuring that transformative digital technologies leave no one behind means finding ways to allow rural smallholders, including young people, to tap into them, boost their productivity and improve their market access, he told the officials attending the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture, which this year focused on the potential of digital technology’s contributing to the future of farming.

Digital technologies allow, “scale without mass”, which can enhance smallholders’ access to markets, which is fundamental, he said.
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