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Farmklan’s unique investment packages


In pursuit of getting value for money for several investors in the ever-expanding agriculture sector, we bring you what FarmKlan, a new investment company brings to the table in our FARMRUSH series. The aim is to let those interested get to know and understand the nitty-gritty of whatit offers and what the customers stand to benefit from. The questions to be answered therefore are pertinent: What is Farmklan all about, its vision and mission statements? What values drive its processes and packages? What are its unique features that distinguish the company from its competitors? And how do they really work out for those who are staking their funds?

Promising “More Food and a Better World”, Farmklan is a crowdfunding digital agriculture platform that connects investors around the world with local farmers. The salutary aim is to enable everyone participate in commercial farming and make good returns. Specifically, it offers smallholder farmers inputs, training in best farm practices and to provide access to premium market at harvest. This enables farmers increase their scale of production, earn more and improve their livelihood. This sounds attractive, doesn’t it?  Well, it does but first, we have to know more about it.

Farmklan began operations in January 2020. Though that seems not too long ago, it is however, poised to give a new lease of life to smallholder farmers and ensuring sustainable food production in Nigeria. The larger picture is to ultimately address issues related to food security needs of the rest of Africa. To succeed at achieving its laudable objectives it is already collaborating with major industry stakeholders (farmer co-operatives, off-takers, research institutions, input manufacturers, development organisations, among others). But how really prepared is it, to walk the talk?

To answer comes with  its verdant Vision: “To be a leading digital agriculture platform notable for delivering best solutions for sustainable food systems and transforming Africa into a prosperous and food secure continent”. As for its Mission, it is: “To create opportunity to everyone to engage in the business of agriculture towards attaining global food security and economic prosperity”.

With regards to the Values that drive its operations, processing, preservation, packaging and marketing, Farmklan has heighten the following. The first and important one is Integrity. So, how does this play out? It reiterates that at the heart of its work, is the commitment to respecting all regulations, upholding ethical standards and maintaining best professional practice. While dealing with its investors, farmers and partners, Farmklan does not take anyone and anything for granted. And so far, it is proud of its growing team of transparent, trustworthy and dependable people. That is but one factor of significance. But there are others.

Chief amongst these is the valued factor of Innovation. In its own words it states with emphasis and without equivocation that: “We understand that stakeholders are striving to be on the edge and our team goes the extra mile in search of top notch ideas that put us continually on the course of creative approaches to classic business experience. We build smart solutions with excellence in mind.”

What more, on the platform of Communication, Farmklan places high premium on customer relations and ensures that everyone is satisfied with its services. That underscores the importance of it cherishing feedback, stories and conversations that shape its decisions. From such vital feedbacks, it tweaks its solutions to meet current needs of the market and build a community of happy investors and self-fulfilled farmers.

It is therefore, able to boast of quality service, having seasoned professionals, who work round the clock to get the desired results always. Anyone can therefore, invest and check up on his investments at any time of the day. The assurance such a person has is that all Farmklan investments are covered by premium insurance from a world-class insurance company.

As far as its Agro-investment Portfolio is concerned it parades exciting options, providing the opportunity for any investor to choose what suits his or her budget and timing. The Return On Investment (ROI) is guaranteed as people get fast payouts on their investments with an option of reinvesting at the end of a farming cycle.

For the moment, it has come up with its Poultry Farming Investment (PFI). A payment of N30,000 per unit promises  10% ROI in 4 months. For that of N50,000.00 per unit one gets  12 % ROI in 4 months. Going further, an investment package of N200,000.00 guarantees 18% ROI in 6 months.

Having all these fascinating features of Farmklan packages, what an investor should do is to make findings on its offerings, using online medium, get the necessary contacts and have direct one-on-one meeting with the operators.  That would remove every iota of doubt that may stand between the investor and the company.

There is little doubt that thousands of enlightened citizens, who have the fund but not the time and are truly interested in modern farming, have chosen this new path of investment. With legal backing and assurance of insurance cover many people do so and go to sleep while their investments work for them. There is some wisdom in this approach to both financial and food security.

One interesting aspect of Farmklan Company is the deployment of the latest cutting edge technologies to facilitate a convenient and secure environment for investors. All said, those who often succeed, especially in business ventures are the wise risk takers.

Be part of a new way of creating a food secure world. Get connected to small scale farmers at your own convenience. Invest in any agro portfolio of your choice. Sit back and earn!.

Ayo OyozeBaje

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