Farmcrowdy unveils Crowdyvest, new investment platform focusing on SDGs

Sequel to a move to officially consolidate sister companies; Agricsquare and Farmgate Africa as part of a single entity, which is expected to create a bigger Farmcrowdy, the company has now launched yet another investment platform it calls Crowdyvest.

In a recent press briefing, Farmcrowdy explained Crowdyvest is an exclusive style platform that connects sponsors with investment opportunities that fall within seventeen of the goals under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including agriculture and other impact driven sectors.

“Having looked at all the activities with our sponsors, we have decided to create Crowdyvest, as an impact driven platform which will allow our Agric sponsors to look at the entire SDGs and seize opportunities the platform is presenting and sponsor,” said Onyeka Akumah, founder and CEO of Crowdyvest.

According to him, new sponsors will be able to sign up in what he termed a “safe, secure and trusted platform” for free, geared towards opportunities in other portfolio products and sectors via the Crowdyvest platform.

The launch according to the company, will see a successful migration of all the existing sponsors under the Farmcrowdy platform to the Crowdyvest platform without any need to create a fresh account. New sponsors will also be able to sign up to the new platform. Every sponsor will continue to safely sponsor farms on the Farmcrowdy platform as well as all other portfolio products and sponsorship opportunities to be launched via the Crowdyvest platform in the future.

“We have been able to successfully implement a business model in one of the most challenging sectors of the world, driving growth in Agriculture (food and security), and now we intend to implement this across other sectors of the economy while having a direct impact on the achievement of United Nation’s SDGs,” Onyeka explained further.

According to Kenneth Obiajulu who now heads Farmcrowdy as the Managing Director, “It has been an amazing opportunity to lead a brand like Farmgate Africa and achieving a great amount of traction in such a short period of time. The plan is now to consolidate on the traction from both Farmcrowdy and Farmgate Africa to build a more robust Farmcrowdy that can create more value points across the African agricultural value chain.

Prior to joining Farmgate, Kenneth had worked and consulted for international organizations like The World Bank Group, TechnoServe, Sustainable Food Lab, Accenture, Nigerian Breweries, just to mention a few.

The Crowdyvest platform, according to the company, differs from all other investment platforms as it shares its sponsorship risk with its sponsors. This means that both Crowdyvest and its sponsors will have their monies used to grow the businesses of the opportunities listed on the platform.



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