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FarmBoy targets realisation of UN development goals, an online farmers’ market says it is working towards the realisation of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs)1, 2 and 3.
Founder and lead partner of the Nigeria’s online farmers’ market, Ope Omodanisi, at a media briefing in Lagos, said the organisation also aims to bring fresh farm produce to Nigerian tables.
“We are Nigeria’s first online farmers’ market engaged in farm land use plan, contract farming for companies, youth/rural farmers inclusion and research. We are the first to have developed a Farm Land Use Plan (FLUP) used for integrated farming inclusive of GPS enabled technology. We are targeted at promoting and achieving the UN SD 1, 2 and 3. Bringing you a farm to table experience and investment options,” said Omodanisi.
He added that the organisation’s farm produce is cultivated in Nigeria and fresh from the farm to your table with an expanded outlook to help sub-Saharan Africa with 100% healthy, hygienic and organic farm produce boosting food security in the region.
The online farmers’ market which, according to Omodanisi, is a subsidiary of Manywaters Farms Ltd, is also into bulk supply and medium orders to hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, supermarkets, open markets, special occasions, health bars, international destinations and homes.
“Our investment options are guaranteed payment on due date. We do all the hard-work for you, while you earn and we enjoy increased farm yield, helping rural farmers. Our vision is to raise 500 smart farmers in 10 years while we are now well positioned to integrate world class solutions to a rich African heritage and committing to an inclusive networking of young minds, disciplined towards new ways of excellence in agribusiness.
On our mission, we are working at achieving food security in rural areas across Africa with climate smart farming technology”, Omodanisi stated.
It would be recalled that Omodanisi founded Manywaters Group in 2007 as a property development company and grew into agribusiness in 2009, building capacity in both industries. Due to his entrepreneurial drive for uplifting people, farming and engagement in research, the need for became obvious.
In Nigeria today 75% of the farmers own smallholder farms and 75% of those farms are weeded by hand. 90% of the weeding is done by women and 70% of farm children are forced to leave school and work in the agricultural sector at the peak of weeding and harvest.
But Omodanisi said is strategically placed to reduce the numbers and improve by 150% output per farm in the long term. According to FAO-United Nations, agriculture remains the base of the Nigerian economy providing the main source of livelihood for most Nigerians and employs two-thirds of the entire labour force, with production hurdles significantly stifling the performance of the sector.
He said the opportunity that Farmboy offers, opens farmers to global partners from off-takers, to technical advisers, agricultural information technology companies and agribusiness financial advisory teams.
Underlying this expertise is the company’s passion for research and development while listening to customers and farmers.
On partnership, Omodanisi said:
“Partnership in our own term is a translation of our ideals and objectives ensuring mutual growth from a long term perspective. We maintain and value integrity, commitment, results and networking in our approach to agribusiness. They include but not limited to, Riparian Farming Limited, ARM, Daddo Commodities Limited, Agri Route Limited, Bondfield Nigeria Limited, UnoTelos, Aze Farming Limited, Bara Group, Precision Agribusiness Advisory West Africa Limited”.
He explained that customers can shop online and get farm produce delivered to top destinations around the world, as “sponsor investors make this possible from farm to table.”
He added: “To be a sponsor, investor invest and enjoy guaranteed earnings with just four steps.”
On how to select  preferred category, Omodanisi said: “On our site, click the investment option and pick which category and units that fit your financial goal and food security interest. Create your farm account. With the category selected, you can automatically safely fill in your details.
He listed available investment windows on the online farm to include
catfish farm (30% ROI | 6 months) for ₦100,000.00, daily foods (30% ROI | 7 months) for  ₦50,000.00, farm produce (25% ROI | 6 months) for ₦40,000.00 and market monie ₦100.00-₦100,000.00
Others poultry farm (30% | 7 months) for  ₦100,000.00, strawberry farm (35% | 6 months) for ₦100,000.00, Christmas/New Year  bonanza (25% | 4 months) for ₦100,000.00 and
farm partnership (25% ROI | 6 months) for ₦50,000.00 among others.
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