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Dizengoff Nigeria appoints Graham Leslie as country manager


Dizengoff Nigeria, a leading tractor and greenhouse provider in the country, has appointed Graham Leslie as its new country manager.

Leslie takes over from Antti Ritvonen, who has served as the country manager for three years. Prior to his appointment, Leslie was sales and commercial director of synergy, covering Europe and the United Kingdom.

He brings to bear his 30 years’ experience, having spent most of his career in agribusiness, where he has worked in various segments including; fertilizers, crop protection chemicals, seeds, biotechnology and most recently, biological crop protection products.

He had worked for Monsanto for 11 years, where he was involved in the post patent sales strategy for Roundup – the organisation’s leading herbicide, working in South Africa, Holland and Southern Africa, after which he went to head up the Sub-Saharan Region as the area director.

While at Monsanto, Leslie was instrumental in launching Roundup Ready and BT crops in South Africa.

His strength lies in the field of agricultural sales, essentially B2B sales and he has a wealth of experience in general management, having held MD roles at Monsanto, Greeff-Christies, PGP and GM at Farmsecure Agriscience.

Lesile also had an entrepreneurial interlude in the property sector, where as a partner in the business, he was involved in a growth strategy for a niche market, Real Estate Company in Cape Town, South Africa, before returning to where his passion lay, in agriculture.

With this appointment, he will continue to provide strategic leadership and direction for Nigeria’s agribusiness.

He holds a BSc in Agric-production and an MBA in economics and marketing from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa.


Josephine Okojie

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