COVID-19: partners to provide 1m meals to vulnerable Nigerians

With millions of Nigeria struggling to get access to food amid the lockdown to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic, partners have launched a platform to provide one million meals to vulnerable Nigerians on a weekly basis.

The platform – is a coalition of partners that have come together to address the challenge Nigerians are facing in a protracted period of economic and social disruption.

 Collectively, the partners will provide a technology-enabled logistics solution to help those who want to direct their resources to the most vulnerable, while ensuring the availability of food packs at easily accessible points for those in need of them.

Kola Masha, the coalition founder and CEO of Babban Gona said the partners were inspired by their collective willingness to help their fellow citizens at a critical time like this.

 “When we have millions of vulnerable people that need help, we cannot rely on the contributions or interventions of others, we must all come together to support them,” Masha said.

“This is the vision for; for ordinary Nigerians to have access to a platform that can safely and securely deliver assistance to those that need it,” he further said.

“We believe that with the partners we have been able to bring together, the civic spirit we have seen and the support we have received from Nigeria’s private sector, we can quickly achieve a system that provides 1 million meals for Nigerians each week,” he added.

He noted that any individual that wants to give food to the vulnerable in the society without knowing how to go about it can simply visit to make their donations.

According to him, has over 100 food collection points through its partnerships with various supermarket chains across the country.

He noted that the food packs for each vulnerable Nigerian may vary from location to location due to availability but are all valued at N2,000 and will usually contain: 2kg swallow, 1 kg pasta, 500g sugar, 7 – 9 packets of 70g instant noodles, 4 packets of 70g tomato paste and soap.


Josephine Okojie

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