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Nigeria left out as G7 invites South Africa, India, Korean Republic

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has invited South Africa, India, Australia and the Republic of Korea to this year’s G7 meeting in the United Kingdom, leaving out Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country.

A statement from the British Embassy in Nigeria on Friday said the invitation is for the countries to deepen the expertise and experience around the table.

The G7 made up of the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the USA and the EU, is the only forum where the world’s most influential and open societies and advanced economies come together for close-knit discussions. This meeting will be the first in-person gathering of G7 leaders in almost two years.

According to the statement, “The UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has also invited leaders from Australia, India, South Africa and the Republic of Korea to attend as guest countries to deepen the expertise and experience around the table.

“Throughout this year the UK is hosting ministerial meetings between G7 counterparts to coordinate across the board on issues facing our governments. This includes discussions on economic, environmental, health, trade, transport, equality, technology, development and foreign policy. Later this year the UK will host the UN’s Climate Change Summit COP26 and co–host the Global Education Summit with Kenya.”

The British government disclosed that the Summit will be a crucial opportunity to accelerate global efforts to build back better from the coronavirus.

“On Friday 11 June, our Prime Minister announced that the UK will donate 100 million of surplus Covid-19 vaccination doses to share globally, including 5 million in the coming weeks. The doses are part of an expected commitment by G7 leaders to share 1 billion doses globally to help end the pandemic in 2022. The UK will also expand vaccine manufacturing in order to achieve the collective goal of one billion.

“Ahead of COP26, this summit will be a milestone on the road to COP26 and an ideal opportunity to demonstrate commitments from the world’s leading democracies and largest economies to tackling climate change and protecting our planet for future generations. The UK has already set into law the world’s most ambitious climate change plan, where we have pledged to cut carbon emissions by 78 percent by 2035.

“This Summit will be a chance to galvanise international action to tackle the global education crisis. The UK is expected to commit £430 million to the Global Partnership for Education (GPE). This is the largest pledge the UK has ever made to GPE – an increase of 15% from our previous annual pledge – testament to the UK’s commitment to this game-changing issue,” the statement disclosed.

The UK hosted G7 Summit will also: “Establish a shared commitment by G7 countries to openness across global health, information sharing, trade and our wider values and demonstrate how we will work together to achieve that.

“Take action to beat this pandemic and prepare for the next, built on the Prime Minister’s five-point plan for pandemic preparedness.

“Work on supporting a global surveillance system, drawing on UK genomic sequencing expertise and encouraging others to do likewise.

“Provide a stepping stone to the UK-hosted COP Summit with ambitious commitments on tackling climate change, such as a joint target for zero-emissions vehicles, ending coal power and meeting the UN target of providing $100bn to support climate change prevention in developing countries.

“Make landmark pledges on the preservation of nature, including progress on protecting 30% of the world’s land and sea by 2030. This includes agreeing to a G7 nature compact, which commits to tackle deforestation, marine litter, illegal wildlife trade, and creating accountability mechanisms to maintain ambition.

“Set out the kind of economic recovery G7 countries will pursue to build back better for our countries and the global economy, protecting, supporting and creating jobs while levelling up so no group or region is left behind.

“Advance the work the UK and other G7 countries have done to make sure all girls have access to 12 years of quality education and continue to put gender equality at the heart of the UK’s G7 Presidency and demonstrate G7 unity on the most pressing international challenges,” the U.K stated.

Ahead of the summit the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Catriona Laing said: “I’m looking forward to positive outcomes for Nigeria from the summit. The summit will help address many of today’s global challenges, in particular on COVID-19, where today the UK has announced it will donate 100 million vaccination doses to global efforts to overcome the pandemic, as part of an overall G7 commitment to share one billion doses.

“I also look forward to the Summit further strengthening international cooperation on climate change, and to taking action to ensure that every girl in the world can access at least 12 years of quality education. Improving girls’ access to education is a fundamental building block for growing Nigeria’s economy and workforce and to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.”

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