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VocalScript, Nigeria’s first digital transcription platform makes its debut

VocalScript, Nigeria’s first online digital transcription company that specializes in providing transcription, translation and closed-caption services to individuals as well as diverse business sectors has commenced operations in Nigeria.

The company uses state of the art technology to provide an easy to use web platform and a handy mobile application to provide service to customers.

For instance, users can make recordings on the mobile app or upload previous recordings and have accurate transcripts delivered within minutes to hours. In addition, the company has an in-house transcription team who are vetted for quality, to meet transcription demands and requests from companies and individuals.

The innovative service has proven to be extremely useful for corporate entities, law firms, journalists and even across the educational sector.

For instance, students find the application useful for note-taking while organizations use the service for minutes and accurate record-keeping purposes.

An important issue is also the pricing. The service has an automated plan starting at N50 per audio minute with the most expensive plan billed at N300 per minute for transcripts handled by its team. Members of the public can currently test the service for free by using coupons provided on the website.

Speaking on the market potential and use, Kola Olanipekun, VocalScript CEO said “We are only trying to use the technology to make life easier across different sectors that need the service especially because most of them do not know of its existence. We have tailored the service for diverse sectors.

“Lawyers, for example, can have a standard record of proceeding; students can have accurate lecture notes without missing a word, companies can have detailed minutes of meetings and even discussions in seminars can be transcribed to aid productivity.

“We are currently using machine learning to understand even the thickest Nigerian accents to aid in local speech recognition so the turnaround time will definitely improve. We are positive that people will see the value in time.”

Statistics show that journalists spend up to six hours a week transcribing audio which adds up to two lost business months in a year. While transcription companies are still yet to become established in Nigeria, outsourcing transcripts to companies like VocalScript provide flexibility, guaranteed superior quality, timely delivery, customized delivery, reliability while freeing up journalists and your workers for other more important work.

By utilizing digital technology to render its innovative transcription service, VocalScript aims to increase productivity and effectiveness in various sectors such as the legal field and the educational field among others.

VocalScript is a transcription, translation and closed-caption service based in Lagos, Nigeria. VocalScript serves diverse individual and corporate clients through its innovative service.

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