NEITI opens information accessibility to public with data dashboard

The ‎Nigeria Extractive Transparency Initiative (NEITI) has launched data dashboard to ensure information accessibility focusing on Nigeria’s Oil and Gas and solid mineral, while also making understanding of released reports easier for the readership of the public.
NEITI revealed that the dashboard data made available information disclosure in Nigeria’s Oil and Gas sector, as well as the solid mineral sector from 1999-2015.
In the information portal, NEITI noted that there was a dedicated page in a spreadsheet that makes available issues on pricing, how much was sold, how much royalty was paid, and oil mineral resources pricing per time.
NEITI at the launch on Thursday in Abuja said the initiative is coming on the heels of its commitment to open data policy that it was signatory to and to ensure accountable management of oil, gas and mineral resources, which accounts for about 90% of Nigeria’s revenue resources.
Waziri Adio, executive secretary of ‎NEITI, said the data dashboard launch was supported by Mac Arthur Foundation, who had assisted in simplifying data information, and a newly improved website design to encourage easier readership.
According to Waziri, “The dashboard launch covers a period of 1999 to 2015 reports of the Oil and Gas sector and the solid minerals sector. All the information regarding the sectors, such as how much oil Nigeria produced, how much price they were sold? how much was for domestic allocation? Who gets royalty pay by the government and how much is it we made from exports.
“Whatever you are looking for from 1999-2015,you go to a dedicated page, and all the information you are looking for is outlay ed there‎ in a spread sheet, and the same thing for the solid mineral sector. NEITI officials were also trained on Freedom of Information Act requests in the course of their training.”

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