How to make money online

In our increasingly cash-strapped society, finding extra avenues to make a little dough is an imperative we can all attest to being swayed by. Yes, one could get a second job and work shifts to gain some extra money, but that would be a silly choice given the massive amount of opportunities that exist on the internet for making money, quickly! As with any internet-based way of making money however, one must be careful of fake sites and dodgy dealings, so we thought we’d compile a little list of a few ways you can easily, safely make money online.

Social Investment Networks

Fancy yourself a Wall Street wolf or city fat cat? With social investment networks such as, you finally can do without having to have gone to private school or have taken an internship at a stock brokerage! These free online trading platforms allow users to buy and trade stocks and investments; start with a small $200 or so deposit and slowly learn the tricks of the trade, using the site’s CopyTrader feature to see the investments of top performing traders, copying them and making a nice profit in the process!

Sell Your Stuff

It may be tried and tested, but one can’t stress how profitable setting up an eBay account, clearing out your attic and selling all that delicious that can be. Setting up an account is easy, and with only small fees and the actual posting of your items to buyers to contend with, you’ll be making money in no time, whilst also completing a great exercise in de-cluttering your home!

Video Poker

Some of us have it, others simply don’t, but if you fancy yourself as quite the poker aficionado then enjoying a few exciting games could be a great way of making a few extra bucks. Since most video poker websites don’t actually have you playing against real individuals, the possibility of you miraculously coming up against a card shark is eliminated, the only risk being that of the random dealing of cards and one’s own level of skill.

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Start a Website

Making a website is an activity only hampered by your own interests and desires. Think of what you know about best, buy a cheap domain name or use a website building service and you’ll be on your way to becoming an internet entrepreneur. Signing up to advert services such as Google AdWords will indeed make your site rather ad-filled, but every time a visitor clicks on that ad you’ll make money. Thus, if you have interesting, popular content on your site, you could soon be making a fair bit of money!

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